Suffering from stomach problems? There is a solution in Ayurveda! If you comply, the problem will decrease quickly

পেটের সমস্যার সহজ সমাধানের রাস্তা কী? (ফাইল ছবি)

Many people in India suffer from stomach problems due to eating disorders, lack of access to safe drinking water and various bacterial infections. Problems of constipation, heartburn, gas, upset stomach are common.

Although many people in India have seen this problem, there is a solution to this problem in Indian Ayurveda. In a recent interview with Hindustan Times, Ayurveda expert Deeksha Bhabsar said that stomach problems can be reduced to a great extent by adopting a few simple habits. This has been said in Ayurveda.

What are those habits? There is a search.

  • Drink a little water soaked in mint leaves throughout the day. This water increases digestion. Helps to maintain good stomach health.
  • Bell is the best solution to any stomach problem. Bell crushed, Bell’s Morobba: This bell can be eaten in any form. It will reduce stomach problems a lot.
  • You can also eat whey once a day. Some of the bacteria in it are good for the stomach. Drinking this drink regularly therefore increases digestion.
  • Food is not being digested at all? What are you eating? Until this problem subsides, stop eating grilled and junk food. Although very nutritious, do not eat milk at this time.
  • Do some breathing every day. This will reduce stress. Stress is one of the main causes of stomach problems. Regular pranayama or meditation is good for the stomach. Because it reduces a lot of stress.

However, if you have stomach problems, do not leave them in excess. Seek expert advice quickly.

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