Sujit Basu targets Sukantar for worshiping Sribhumi

সুকান্ত মজুমদার, বিজেপির রাজ্য সভাপতি (ছবি সৌজন্যে এএনআই) (HT_PRINT)

From the very beginning of Pujo, the Burj Khalifa of Sribhumi has been at the center of controversy. It is known as the Pujo of Minister Sujit Basu. This time BJP state president and MP Sukant Majumder opened his mouth with that pujo. He said at Balurghat on Thursday afternoon, “The Airport Authority of India has spoken about the fire minister’s pujo and the laser lights of the pujo mandapa have been turned off.” If such an incident happens in the fire minister’s pujo, then the fire minister of West Bengal also has no breath. ‘ Sukantar added, “The way the anarchy was centered around this pujo, the streets were jammed. The administration should have stopped this pujo even earlier.” Sukantar also claimed that the incidence of corona had decreased a long time ago when the pujo darshan of Sribhumi was stopped.

However, the doors of the Burj Khalifa-style pavilion have been closed to visitors to avoid crowds and infection, even if it is late. Meanwhile, the airport authorities had earlier objected to the laser light here. Due to which the light was turned off. In the overall situation, Trinamool MP Kalyan Bandyopadhyay himself had earlier opened his mouth about the pujo here. This time the opposition is also getting louder.

Along with this, Sukanta Majumder also opened his mouth about the vandalism of Durga Mandap in Bangladesh. “The way things have happened in Bangladesh is horrible and dangerous to human civilization,” he said. He also said that they will bring it to the Bangladesh High Commission as soon as the pujo is over.

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