Swastika-Mir: Swastika-Mir Together After Four Years, ‘What Will Happen After All Victory’, Actor Says

Swastika-Mir: চার বছর পর একসঙ্গে স্বস্তিকা-মীর, 'যা হবে সব বিজয়ার পরে', বললেন অভিনেতা

Own report: There are so many things in life that the person who was supposed to say them is not told, or even if he wants to say them, the person who listens to him may not be there. Relationships break up because they are not spoken to, and people close to them go away. But after a while, the urge to say those unspoken words increased. Then the loved ones want to get closer. The longer the wait the longer it is. Director Abhijit Das appeared with such a waiting story. Screenplay of the film made in the context of Durgapuja. The name of the picture is ‘Autumn Flies’ (Bijoyar Pore).

Durgapujo became a meeting place, where many missing people could be seen. In one such Durga Pujo, Ananda and Ankananda return to their husband Mizanur with their daughter Mrinmayee. There was an accident in their life. The equation of the relationship gradually changes. In summing up the grievances, Alaknanda loses the precious savings of life one by one. Standing between the real and the unreal, one realizes the essence of the essence of life. Still waiting for the situation to change. The film stars Dipankar De, Mamata Shankar, Mir and Swastika Mukherjee in the lead roles.

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Regarding the film, Mir said, ‘The best part of acting in the film after Vijay is that I am acting with Swastika after many years. The two of us acted together in the movie Michael in 2016. After almost four years, we have acted together again. This picture is in the context of Durgapuja. In the film, I am playing the role of Swastika’s husband. It’s a family photo. There are many characters in the screenplay of this film. I have never acted with Mamata Shankar before so I am looking forward to this movie. The director of this film is new but he is very clear about the subject of his film. He knows what he wants from the actors. Looking forward to new experiences. Which will happen after all the victories. ‘

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