Taki: Dedication of Durga Puja at Ichhamati-Bakshi in Taki, special guidelines for visitors

Taki: টাকিতে ইছামতী-বক্ষে দুর্গাপুজোর বিসর্জন, দর্শকদের জন্যে বিশেষ নির্দেশিকা প্রশাসনের

Own report: Corona’s reason is that business has been hitting Taki for a long time. On top of that, like last year, special guidelines were issued on the day of Durga Puja Bhasan due to Corona.

On the day of devotion, the two Bengalis met at Ichhamati in Taki. Pujo of the two countries is abandoned in Ichhamati. And to see it on the shores of Ichhamati called the slope of man. But keeping Korona in mind, the police are not allowing the spectators to take a boat in the river on the day of abandonment.

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Officials of the police administrations of India and Bangladesh and officials of the border guards of the two countries met at a boat meeting at Ichhamati in Taki on Saturday. It was decided at the meeting that the day of abandonment of Durga idol will be as strict as last year keeping in mind the Corona situation. No more than 6 idols can board the boat for abandonment. Abandonment can be seen from the river bank. The same rule will apply to Bangladesh. The immersion episode has to end between one in the afternoon and four in the afternoon.

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Meanwhile, traders in the area are not happy with the administration’s decision. According to many, traders are waiting for the day of abandonment throughout the year. Due to Corona, the business is already in recession. On top of that, the business will be hit hard if outsiders do not see the administration’s austerity. They will have to face huge losses.

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