Taliban appeals to America, then America reminds of international demands

तालिबान ने अमेरिका से लगाई फरियाद, फिर अमेरिका ने याद दिलाईं अंतरराष्ट्रीय मांगें

Kabul: The Taliban-led interim government in Afghanistan has reminded the US and the Western world of the promises the US made to free the Taliban top from global sanctions and remove them from the terrorist list. It also included a promise to ensure the legitimacy of the Taliban government.

America had promised to recognize the Taliban

The Taliban (Washington)Washington) to fulfill its promise and refrain from undue criticism of the establishment of the government in Afghanistan. The Taliban government’s acting foreign minister, Amir Muttaki, revealed that during the Doha accord, the US had given in writing that it would ensure the legitimacy of the Taliban-led government by the international community and that the names of senior Taliban leaders were placed on global sanctions and designated lists. will also remove from

Government’s legitimacy included in the Doha Agreement?

Significantly, Western countries have been critical of the Taliban’s interim setup in Afghanistan, which names those against whom global sanctions are imposed, besides a bounty of millions of dollars on their heads. The US, as well as Western countries and the international community, have said it is difficult for them to identify the Taliban leadership at the moment, with a questionable history and global sanctions, and that they do not want to be in any hurry. However, the new Taliban statement reveals that global recognition of Taliban leadership is part of the Doha Agreement, which the US government has also agreed to.

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The dual character of the US government?

Washington has so far not given any recognition to the interim Taliban government and has insisted that no recognition can be given until the Taliban meets international demands and concerns.

What are the international demands?

These international demands include the formation of an inclusive government with representation of women and other ethnic groups, the provision of women’s rights, and a positive commitment not to turn Afghanistan into a safe haven for terrorist organizations, which the United States as well as the region and Could become a major security concern for the rest of the world. But on this matter, the Taliban says that all the demands of the international community have already been met.

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Taliban said shocking thing

Acting Foreign Minister Muttaki said, “The current interim government is an inclusive government and has representation from all castes.” We have said from the beginning that our soil will not be allowed to be used for terrorism and women in Afghanistan are free to continue their education and work. This is an interim government and until we form a permanent government, changes will be made in the system.

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