Taliban supreme leader orders women to wear burqa in public places

Taliban supreme leader orders women to wear burqa in public places

Kabul: Taliban Supreme Leader Hibatullah Akhundzada has publicly ordered women to wear the burqa in Afghanistan.

Akhundzada has issued a decree in Afghanistan, which states that if a woman does not cover her face outside the home, her father or nearest male relative will be called and thrown in jail.

It has been said in media reports that if the said man is doing a government job, then he will be fired.

Khama News reported in one of its reports that at a press conference in Kabul, a government spokesman read a statement issued by the Afghan Supreme Leader.

This statement details the procedures laid down by ministry officials to oversee the process of compulsory hijab.

In the initial phase of the process, homes of non-compliance women would be traced and their parents would be counseled and warned.

After this, the father or guardian of the woman will be called to the concerned department and in the next step a case will be registered against the father of the woman or the man close to her.

In this decree, Akhundzada has said that women will have to wear chadari (burqa from head to toe).

The blue burqa, the chadari, which became a global symbol of the Taliban’s previous extremist regime from 1996 to 2001, has been proposed as a suitable cover, according to the statement.

The statement also said that if there is no important work outside, women should stay at home.

According to social media users, the measure is an extension of the increasing restrictions on women in public and has angered the international community as well as many Afghan citizens.

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