Taliban trashed Kabul, people selling clothes-bed-beds on the streets to fill their stomachs

Taliban trashed Kabul, people selling clothes-bed-beds on the streets to fill their stomachs


  • Afghanistan situation worsened during two months of Taliban rule
  • People forced to sell household goods on the roadside for two times’ bread
  • There is a rush of shopkeepers on the streets of Kabul, there is a traffic jam

After the Taliban occupation of Afghanistan, there is panic all around. The situation in Kabul has become such that people are ready to sell anything to buy bread for two times. This is the reason why the streets of Kabul are suddenly getting jammed due to the huge rush of sellers. People are forced to sell clothes, bedding, beds and utensils on the side of the roads.

Unemployment and poverty worsened the situation
According to Tolo News, the number of people selling goods on the streets of Kabul has increased significantly due to poverty and unemployment. Most of the people in Kabul have no money left to buy food. The vendors said they would have to do something to find a piece of bread for their families. Since there are no jobs, they are forced to sell goods on the streets.

People selling household items on the sidewalk
These shopkeepers occupying the sidewalks along the streets of Kabul are not only selling new things. Among them there is also a significant number of people who have come to sell the goods of their homes. These shopkeepers hope that this will enable them to get money to feed their families. The situation in Afghanistan is getting worse day by day since the Taliban came to power.

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The shopkeeper said – you have to feed the family too
Vendor Javed, who decorated the roadside shop, said that there is no other work for us, so we have to sell goods on the streets. Another vendor Mohd Salim said that there is nothing left, everyone is becoming a seller as people have no other option. Meanwhile, many residents of Kabul have complained about the increasing encroachment of vendors on the sidewalks of the roads.

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The situation in whole of Afghanistan is very bad
According to the Pazvok News website, the situation in the whole of Afghanistan is very bad. People are not even getting treatment in hospitals. Not only this, even medicines for common diseases are not available in the shops. Due to the stagnation of imports from outside countries, there has also been a shortage of food items. In remote areas, people are adopting old methods like barter.

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Kabul officials said – will solve the problem soon
Kabul’s deputy mayor Hamdullah Nemani has said that we are planning to shift all vendors to an area named Green Space. Due to this there will be no traffic jam in the city and cleanliness will also be maintained. However, the completion of this plan may take several months.

Kabul Market

Shopkeepers deposited under the overbridge in Kabul

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