Tamil Nadu to organize 4th mega vaccination camp against Kovid on October 10

तमिलनाडु 10 अक्टूबर को कोविड के खिलाफ चौथा मेगा टीकाकरण शिविर आयोजित करेगा

Previous camps had seen the administration of vaccines exceeding targets.


Tamil Nadu will organize its fourth mega COVID-19 vaccination camp on October 10, after three successful previous attempts. Earlier, the Tamil Nadu government had launched a mega vaccination campaign on 12 September, 19 September and 26 September. State Medical and Family Welfare Minister MA Subramanian said that the mega vaccine camp will have a target of 15 lakh vaccinations. However, previous camps had seen administration of vaccines exceeding the target.

The state health department arranged 40,000 centers to administer the vaccine in the first camp of 12 September and according to the report, 28,91,021 people were benefitted against the target of 20 lakh beneficiaries, a turnout that the department did not expect. On the other hand, the second camp held on September 19 had set a target of 15 lakh beneficiaries, while the total turnout reached 16,43,879, which was one lakh more than expected.

In the third camp held on 26 September, the target was 15 lakhs but the turnout was high among 24,85,814 people, an increase of 9,85,814 beneficiaries.

The huge crowd at the vaccination centers is due to proper awareness campaigns organized by the state public health department. Chief Minister MK Stalin has initiated a massive campaign to vaccinate people in the state and the success of such a campaign is visible to all.

He also expressed confidence that the fourth vaccination camp will also be a huge success and the government is looking forward to vaccinate the entire eligible population of the state with at least one dose of the vaccine by the end of December 2021.

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