Teenage girl dies in horror crocodile attack after going into river to bathe

The 13-year-old girl died after the attack by a deadly croc

The victim, a 13-year-old girl called Nomatter Raymond, had been helping her younger sister wash dishes and afterwards stayed in the water to bathe when she was attacked

The 13-year-old girl died after the attack by a deadly croc (file photo) (

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A 13-year-old girl taking a bath in a river was dragged underwater and killed by a crocodile.

Nomatter Raymond had gone to the Hunyani River in Zimbabwe to help her eight-year-old sister to wash the dishes.

When they finished Nomatter told her to take them back to the Furawu village whilst she stayed behind to bathe.

After a few minutes in the water a crocodile exploded out of the water and dragged the teenager away, the Herald reported.

The horror was seen by her friends Lynette Mazowe, 14, and Angela Chiedza, 12, who had been fishing nearby and screamed for help.

Villagers rushed to the area and started a search but were unable to find her.

Nomatter had stayed behind to take a bath when she was attacked


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Mashonaland Central Police Inspector Milton Mundembe said her body was found two days later around 70 metres further up the river.

As well as deep wounds from the crocodile’s teeth on her waist and back, a medical examiner found she suffered a broken thumb and wrist as she struggled with the deadly reptile.

He added: “Nomatter Raymond, went with her young sister aged eight to wash dishes in Hunyani River.

“After washing dishes, Nomatter instructed her sister to go back with the dishes to the shed in the field while she remained behind to take a bath.

The crocodile infested Hunyani River flows through Zimbabwe and Mozambique



“That’s when she was then attacked by a crocodile and dragged underwater.

“Please stay away from crocodile-infested water bodies, especially young people.”

Earlier this month villagers in a remote area were urged to stop collecting water from the river’s edge after six people were eaten by hungry crocodiles.

The man-eating crocs have launched fatal attacks on humans between January and March amid a wave of deadly attacks.

It is understood they had been collecting water when the reptiles launched from the river, dragging them under before eating them.

The government of Tanzania was set to step in to make the area safer, News.cn reported.

There have been a number of crocodile attacks in recent weeks


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Salum Bong’o, chairperson of Kimaramisale village in Dutumi ward, said one of the victims had been his own father.

He told a press conference: “The six victims were attacked and eaten by the crocodiles between January 2022 and March 2022.”

Last year it was reported several people have been attacked by crocodiles when they canoe across the river to reach the livestock on the other side.

Previous government attempts to cull some of the deadly creatures, who have around 60 teeth in their jaws, have failed.

A local councillor said the permits were often given when the river is swollen, meaning several crocs are impossible to see.

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