The car owner was blown away after hearing the cost of the battery, the price came out more than the Mercedes


New Delhi: A man was searching for a new environmentally friendly battery for Mercedes. Somehow he got the battery, then he was surprised to hear its price. The cost of that battery was Rs 15 lakh, more than the cost of his car.

Car was bought 8 years ago for 27 lakhs

According to the news of the Daily Star, 63-year-old Ranjit Singh, who lives in the Knighton area of ​​Leicester in the UK, bought Mercedes-Benz 8 years ago for 27 lakhs. He has driven his car 49 thousand miles. Now the car’s battery is completely damaged.

The new battery costs 15 lakhs while the car costs Rs 13 lakhs

When Ranjit Singh now looked for an eco-friendly battery, he was blown away after hearing its cost. The new battery of the car is coming for Rs 15 lakh whereas the current price of his car is only Rs 13 lakh.

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Ranjit has always been a customer of Mercedes

In this regard, Ranjit Singh told that he has always been a customer of Mercedes and he loves the cars made by them. Bought the car only for its reliability. But now it seems that wrong is happening with them.

Now Ranjit Singh has only two options.

Ranjit Singh says that what has happened is very scary. I guess I only have two options now. Scrap an eight year old car or spend more than it’s worth.

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