The cost of 1 bottle of Cold Drink is Rs 36 lakh! Man trapped in the affair of discount

Cold Drink की 1 बोतल की कीमत 36 लाख रुपए! डिस्काउंट के चक्कर में फंस गया शख्स

Washington: In America, a person has to pay a heavy price for not paying the full amount for a cold drink. The accused has been fined $ 50,000 i.e. Rs 36 lakh. Not only this, he may also have to spend seven years in jail. At the same time, the accused person has requested the court not to give such harsh punishment for a minor offence. He says that he is not able to give 36 lakhs.

mess caused by

According to the report of ‘Newsweek’, 38-year-old Joseph Sobolewski, who lives in Pennsylvania, USA, has been arrested by the police for not paying full amount for cold drinks. Actually, Sobolevsky went to a store on 23 August, where a discount was being given on bottles of cold drinks. In the affair of this discount, he left without paying full money.

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43 cents less paid

There was a board at the store that read, ‘Two bottles for $3’. Sobolevsky gave $2 at the counter and left with a bottle. Whereas this offer was to be received only if he bought two bottles. That is, a bottle was $2.29, not $1.50. As soon as the cashier learned that Joseph had gone for 43 cents less, she ran after him. But by then he had left from there sitting in his car.

The cashier informed the police

After this the cashier called the police. Shortly after, the Pennsylvania State Police caught Joseph Sobolevsky and imprisoned him. During the hearing of the case, the court said that Sobolevsky would have to pay a fine of $ 50,000. If Joseph is found guilty, he could be imprisoned for at least 7 years.

Jail has already happened

It has been told in the report that Joseph has been arrested for the third time on the charge of theft. 10 years ago he filled gas in his car and left without paying. Similarly, in 2011, he stole a few pairs of shoes. After this the police arrested him. Even before this, he has spent 7 years in jail. He has been fined so much for repeatedly committing crimes.

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