The game of Sindur was played in Mudiali in defiance of the government ban

মাস্ক পরে মুদিয়ালিতে সিঁদুর খেললেন মহিলারা।  (PTI)

Friday is Vijaya Dashami after four days of Durga Pujo. On the last day of Sharadotsab, the state government has issued special rules for accepting idols. This time women were exempted for accepting the idol, but a ban has been issued in Sindurkhela. The women played vermilion in the puja mandapa of Mudiali in Kolkata with some concessions from the ban. That’s why I had to show proof of getting two corona vaccines.

According to the custom, after immersing Durga in the mirror on Vijaya Dashami, Hindu married women wear vermilion and accept the idol. After that they greeted each other wearing vermilion. To reduce the risk of corona infection, the state government has imposed some restrictions on this woman-centric practice. Although women are allowed to worship idols as per government guidelines, the game of Sindur is still banned. However, Mudiali Club in South Kolkata was an exception. If you have taken two doses of the corona vaccine there, you have been allowed to play vermilion.

On the same day, they went to the puja mandapa of Mudiali and saw that they were being given a badge on their chest when they were shown two vaccination certificates of Corona. After that badge, women are participating in the game of Sindur along with Devi Baran. The women were seen greeting each other with vermilion.

In this regard, the Pujo Committee has informed that women’s emotions are involved with the game of Sindur. Therefore, after seeing the evidence of thermal screening and 2 doses of corona ticker in accordance with the corona rules, they are being allowed to participate in the game of vermilion. Sanitize the hand but allow to get on the stage.

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