The ‘monster of space’ gave birth to the star, scientists were shocked to see the picture of the black hole

The 'monster of space' gave birth to the star, scientists were shocked to see the picture of the black hole
Washington: The US space agency NASA has revealed that we have seen a black hole ‘giving birth’ to stars in a ‘dwarf galaxy’. This suggests that black holes are not as violent as previously thought. Black holes were now considered the ‘destructive monsters’ of space because due to their extremely strong gravitational force, they devoured everything that came close, including stars. The gravitational force inside the black is so great that the matter going inside it splits into fine particles. Even light cannot pass through it.

NASA’s Hubble Telescope has made a new disclosure about black holes. Hubble’s discovery shows that a black hole within the ‘dwarf galaxy’ Heinz 2-10 is forming stars rather than swallowing them. The black hole is contributing to the ‘firestorm’ of new star formation taking place in Heinz 2-10. It is located 30 million light years away in the southern constellation of Pixis. The Hubble data was studied by Zachary Schutte and Amy E. Reins, two researchers from Montana State University’s Department of Physics, and announced NASA.

The size of a small galaxy equal to 10 percent of the Milky Way
Just 30 million light-years away, the Heinz 2-10 galaxy is so close that the Hubble Telescope can easily capture images outside the black hole, Schutte said. He said that the biggest surprise was that instead of destroying stars, it was giving birth to new stars. Heinz 2-10 is 10 percent the size of the Milky Way. The number of stars found in it is only one tenth of the stars found in our galaxy.

1 million solar mass black hole in Heinz 2-10
Experts say that a central black hole exists in it. The black hole in Heinz 2-10 is about one million solar masses. In large galaxies, black holes can be more than 1 billion times the mass of our Sun. A research speculates that the expansion of the universe is causing black holes to get bigger, which may give rise to unusual events in the coming times. This is worrying because the expansion of the universe does not make galaxies and stars bigger, but it expands the region of space.

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