The new form of Omicron is spreading faster, could be more dangerous: Harvard experts

ওমিক্রনের নয়া রূপ আরও দ্রুত ছড়াচ্ছে,আরও বিপজ্জনক হতে পারে, উদ্বেগ প্রকাশ হার্ভার্ডের বিশেষজ্ঞ। (ছবিটি প্রতীকী, সৌজন্যে পিটিআই)

Coronavirus will not be completely eradicated. However, over time, most people’s immunity will increase. Then this epidemic will gradually lose strength. Such is the case with Dr. Shiv Pillai, a prominent immunologist at Harvard University.

Dr. Pillai is the head of the immunology undergraduate program at Harvard Medical School in the United States. In a recent interview, he said, “I don’t think this epidemic will ever end completely. However, due to vaccinations and natural infections, our body will gradually become stronger. As a result, the disease will be weakened. To reach a level we will learn to live with it. The coronavirus will weaken over time. It will not be so deadly. ‘

Vaccination will be more effective

Not only that, but the corona vaccine will be more effective against this disease in the future, he said. Along with this, some effective medicines will also come. According to him, Paxlovid and Sipler drugs will play an important role in controlling the epidemic.

A new form of Omicron is spreading in India, which is a matter of concern now

The first version of Omicron in India is BA.1. Second Edition BA.2. Dr. Shiv Pillai said, “Omicron is spreading faster than ever before in this new form. The second variant may be more dangerous than the first variant. “This variant is a major cause for concern,” he said. However, there is very little information about its impact.

He said, ‘The first form of Omicron BA.1 does not cause much damage to the lungs. So although the infection spread to many countries, it was not very deadly. But in countries where the second form of Omicron is spreading, there could be danger. “Earlier, Indians were being attacked by the first variant of Omicron,” he said. But now the second variant is spreading fast. What the consequences will be, in the near future, will be known in research. Dr. Pillai also said that it is possible that people with BA.1 infection will have immunity against BA.2.

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