Theft of chocolates, sanitary pads and sanitizers from the medical shop, the surprising truth captured in CCTV

Theft of chocolates, sanitary pads and sanitizers from the medical shop, the surprising truth captured in CCTV


  • Video of theft surfaced in the medical shop in Betul
  • Only the servant used to steal in the shop, the incident was captured in CCTV
  • The servant used to take the chocolate out of the shop for the girlfriend
  • Police arrested the accused and sent him to jail

A nursing student working at a medical shop in Betul, MP, was stealing for a long time. When the operator saw the CCTV footage, his theft was caught. The servant was stealing expensive chocolate Theft For Girlfriend and sanitary pads along with the money. Police registered a case against the accused and arrested him.

It is being told that a nursing student turned thief to provide expensive chocolates, sanitary pads and medicines to his girlfriend. Seeing the opportunity in the shop where he used to work part time to meet his expenses, he started cleaning his hands. When some suspicious activities were seen in the CCTV footage, the operator kept an eye on him, then the whole secret was revealed. After this the student was handed over to the police.

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Actually, a nursing student named Aman Bhorse works part time for the last 4 months in a medical store located in the Sadar area of ​​Betul. When the operator’s brother Abdul Faheem had to go for Namaz, he used to lock the cash counter and keep the key there due to full confidence in the staff. Everything went well for a few days, but after a while he started taking advantage of the opportunity.

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Director Sharik says that as soon as he or his brother went to offer Namaz from medical, his staff student first took out Cadbury chocolate from the fridge and ate it and then seeing the opportunity, took out cash from the cash counter and kept it in his purse. takes it.

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It is being told that for this reason, he got a CCTV camera installed in the shop. During monitoring, it was found that the student’s activities started looking suspicious when there was no one at the shop. On this, when he kept a close eye on him, it was revealed that his trusted employee was scolding him every day. On getting confirmation of the theft from the shop every day, the operator handed him over to the police.

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Nursing student has confessed his crime in front of the police. He told that whenever he got a chance, he used to withdraw 800 to 1200 rupees from the cash counter. He himself does not remember how much amount he has withdrawn so far. According to the medical operator, the student stole about 50 thousand cash, medicines, mask sanitizers. He used to give free medicines, sanitary pads, expensive Cadbury chocolates and sanitizers packed in foil to his girlfriend from the shop. Gradually he had become so clever that he first puts 20, 50 notes or a piece of paper in the cash counter, so that no one can understand or doubt him.

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