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फिर डम्पर बना काल, बाइक सवार कुचला

Illegal gravel-filled dumpers and tractor-trolleys are seen running indiscriminately in the city as well as in the villages and towns. These illegal gravel transport vehicles passing at high speed in the populated area are coming out as cars for the people.

Kharwa (Ajmer).

The mining mafia is rampant in the district. Illegal gravel-filled dumpers and tractor-trolleys are seen running indiscriminately in the city as well as in the villages and towns. These illegal gravel transport vehicles passing at a high speed in the populated area are turning out to be cars for the people.

In the last month, many drivers in the district are becoming victims of famine after being hit by these gravel filled vehicles. On Monday too, a dumper crushed a bike-riding youth on the Peeplaj-Kanakheda road.

After the accident, the driver fled with a dumper laden with illegal mining material. On receiving the information, Beawar Sadar police station in-charge Surendra Singh Jodha reached the spot. During this, the deceased was identified as Praveen Bhat, a resident of Amritpura village of Piplaj Gram Panchayat.

The police sent Beawar Amritkaur Hospital for post-mortem. Earlier, a crowd of villagers gathered at the accident site. The villagers demonstrated against the mining mafia. On the information of the protest of the villagers at the accident site, Masuda Tehsildar Swati Jha reached the spot from the camp along with the administration villages in Peeplaj and explained to the villagers.

On the spot, it was learned from the villagers that the deceased youth was also going to the camp with the administration villages in Peeplaj. The police traced the dumper on the basis of footage from CCTV cameras installed at nearby factories. The dumper was seen going to a factory.

poor family extinguisher

Praveen Bhat, who was hit by a dumper, lived in a roadside hut house near Peeplaj with old mother, wife and small child. Although the ancestral house is in Amritpura village.

Ranjeet Singh etc. villagers told that Praveen was from a poor family. He used to earn his living by working in factories etc. His death caused a mountain of troubles on the family.

no action on complaints

Peeplaj Sarpanch and Kankheda Sarpanch Surendra Singh etc. alleged that villagers are repeatedly complaining about illegal mining going on in the area. Due to the tacit approval of the administration, the common man is facing premature death due to illegal mining dumpers.

On Monday, the business of illegal mining continued even after the entire administration of the subdivision was present in the Peeplaj camp. Not only this, the youth, who was carrying a complaint to the camp along with the administration villages, himself became a victim of premature death due to the collision of the dumper of illegal mining.

Takes life to avoid fine

The villagers of Peeplaj and Gopalsagar told that the dumper drivers operating in illegal mining live in contact with the dumper owner on mobile.

The dumper is ordered not to stop anywhere until it reaches the factory from the mine. The dumper driver does not stop after the accident because the illegal mining material filled in the dumper is fined by the mining department up to Rs.

On the other hand, if the dumper runs away from the spot, the driver does not even have to face the fury of the villagers. After the accident, the dumper surrenders to the police and the driver gets bail immediately.

After the accident to avoid the fine, the dumper driver runs away crushing the accident vehicle and the person.

Now the way made from Kharwa population

Mahendra Singh Adi of Gopalsagar told that in the past, the people of Gopal Sagar held a meeting on the hand and complained to the administration about the movement of vehicles from the village population from illegal mining sites.

When no action was taken, the villagers dug and blocked the road leading to illegal mining sites. Here all the dumpers of illegal mining are now coming out of the population of Kharwa from Masuda Road.

Guard found but not used

Recently, after complaining of cracks in houses due to illegal mining blasting in Gopalsagar, the administration had given four RAC personnel to the mining department for 24 hours monitoring of illegal mining. It has been more than ten days since the mining department got the RAC personnel. Despite this, accidents are happening every day.

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