These 5 legendary batsmen could not hit a single six in their career, one Indian in the list


New Delhi: Batsmen have always dominated the game of cricket. A batsman dominates the bowlers in most of the occasions in this game. The bowler always looks to avoid the batsman who is known for hitting long sixes and fours. There definitely comes a time in the match when the batsman quits playing slowly and looks towards hitting fours and sixes. But do you know that there are some players in the world who have not been able to hit a single six in their entire ODI career. There is also an Indian batsman in this list.

1. Thilan Samaraweera

Sri Lanka’s legendary batsman Thilan Samaraweera has been one of the best Test batsmen of his time. He scored more than 5000 test runs for the Sri Lankan team. But Samaraweera could not do anything special in his ODI career. He did not manage to hit a single six in 53 matches during his career spanning 12 years. Surprisingly, this player played so many ODI matches for 8 Sri Lanka, yet he was not successful in hitting a six.

2. Callum Ferguson

Star batsman Callum Ferguson, who made his debut for Australia in 2009, played a total of 30 ODIs for his team. Ferguson scored 663 runs at an average of above 40 which included 5 centuries. Even after playing so many matches, this batsman could not hit a single six in cricket. Ferguson has not been able to make a place in the Australian team for the last five years. Although this batsman still shows his power in cricket leagues around the world.

3. Geoffrey Boycott

Former England cricketer Geoffrey Boycott was considered one of England’s best batsmen. In Test cricket, there was no answer to Boycott’s batting. But in 36 ODIs, Boycott scored more than 1,000 runs, including a century and 9 half-centuries. However, during this time he did not hit a single six during his ODI career.

4. Dion Ibrahim

Former Zimbabwe batsman Dion Ibrahim played 29 Tests and 82 ODIs in his career. During this, more than 1000 runs came out of his bat. In his ODI career, he also scored 1 century and 4 half-centuries. But still he could never hit a single six in his ODI career.

5. Manoj Prabhakar

Former India all-rounder Manoj Prabhakar played cricket for India from 1984 to 1996. Prabhakar played 130 ODIs for India and during this he scored more than 1800 runs including 2 centuries and 11 half-centuries. Despite being a brilliant batsman, this player could not hit a single six in his entire ODI career.

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