These Habits May Upset Your Lady Love

These Habits May Upset Your Lady Love

Women don’t like men who are self-centered.

For a healthy relationship men should get rid of a few habits, which may disappoint women.

It’s important to know the likes and dislikes of each other between a man and woman for a healthy relationship. There could be many things which may upset your lady love and it’s better to figure out those traits. For a man it’s not only important to know what charms a woman but also to know what could disappoint her.

It may not always be physical and financial factors but certain characteristics in men which may turn off the women. For a healthy relationship it’s better to get rid of such habits.


Lying repeatedly will decrease trust in your relationship and your partner will always be in doubt about your whereabouts. It will cause a rift in the relationship.

Selfish nature

Women don’t like men who are self-centered. Every girl wishes that her partner should be caring and put her needs before his own sometimes.

Lack of Hygiene

Wearing dirty jeans or socks repeatedly can make you smell bad and this can turn off women also. So, you should try to improve your hygiene to keep your lady love happy.

Flirting Habit

Some men have the habit of flirting with women other than their girlfriends. This can make your girlfriend insecure and cause friction.

Running away from responsibilities

Refusing to help your partner in household chores can create tension at home. It’s not necessary that you should always think that household chores are jobs for women. Whenever possible you should help your partner in routine household work.

Returning home late

If your wife or girlfriend is a professional, then she would want her husband to return home on time so that they can do the chores together and spend some time together. Not doing this can cause problems in your relationship.


Keeping the house dirty and having wet towels lying here and there can annoy a wife or girlfriend. Similarly, not putting the toilet seat down or leaving shaving foam over everything can lead to quarrels.

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