These stars cried a lot after leaving their daughter, these pictures will make them emotional

बेटी को विदा करके खूब रोए थे ये स्टार्स, भावुक कर देगीं ये तस्वीरें

New Delhi. Whether the daughter is married by ordinary people or a big celebrity gets emotional during her farewell. There have been some marriages of Bollywood celebs too when they could not control their emotions on the departure of their daughter. Today we are telling about some such celebs who became very emotional in their daughter’s wedding. See below the list of such celebs…


Rishi Kapoor

Daughter Riddhima was married with great fanfare by Rishi Kapoor Kapoor, where on one hand he was giving Kanyadan and on the other hand, brother Ranveer was seen holding the sister’s hand the whole time. Even during the wedding ceremony, the sage became so emotional that he was not talking to anyone.


Mukesh Ambani

In Isha Ambani’s wedding, both Nita and Mukesh were seen getting emotional, a video of which also became quite viral. He shared a very emotional moment during Vidi.



Rajinikanth’s name is also included in the list of daughter’s farewell. They love their two daughters very much. During the farewell of daughter Soundarya, Rajinikanth was crying repeatedly seeing the daughter’s face, her tears were not taking the name of stopping.


Sunil Dutt

It was a very emotional moment for actor Sunil Dutt to bid farewell to his daughter. During the marriage of daughter Priya Dutt, Sunil Dutt was seen sitting in the pavilion with the picture of wife Nargis the whole time. When he bid farewell to Priya, he became very emotional. Nargis wanted to see her daughter’s wedding, but her wish could not be fulfilled.


Salim Khan

Salman Khan’s father Salim Khan became very emotional at the time of daughter Arpita’s marriage. His eyes also became moist with Salman Khan blessing Arpita.



Everyone will become emotional after seeing this picture of Dharmendra and Esha Deol. That somehow by weeping he had sent the daughter away.

Amitabh Bachchan

At the time of daughter’s marriage, even Amitabh Bachchan could not stop himself. Tears hidden in his eyes started pouring without speaking.

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