This adult star openly revealed the secret, made relations with these famous players


New Delhi: As much as international players are famous for their game on the field, as much as they remain in the headlines about their personal life. But have you ever imagined that an international player can also be related to a famous porn star. Yes, America’s famous porn star Lisa Ann has made a big disclosure saying that she has had relationships with many international players.

Porn star’s relationship with these players

America’s famous porn star Lisa Ann has made big revelations that she has had physical relations with many National Basketball Association (NBA) players. International media has revealed that Lisa Ann told that NBA stars are like secret models and it is wonderful to have a relationship with them. This porn star even told that every week they talk to some NBA star and they talk to each other through email.

Lisa Ann revealed that after spending a long time in the porn industry, she came to the conclusion that in fact NBA stars are the best to have sex. This news is spreading like a bullet in the international media. Although this pornstar has not publicly disclosed the name of any player. But with this statement of his, it will definitely come in everyone’s mind that who is that player.

The famous league is NBA

Talking about the NBA, it is the most famous league in America. There is no bigger tournament in basketball than this. The fans of this league are all over the world. A total of 30 teams in this league face each other to win the title every year. At the same time, these players are also very rich in terms of money. Recently, Michael Jordan of the NBA was at the top of the list of richest players.

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