This time firearms were recovered from the living floor, five arrests were made and the search continued overnight

আগ্নেয়াস্ত্র–সহ গ্রেফতার করা হয় পাঁচ দুষ্কৃতীকে।

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had taken drastic steps after the Rampurhat massacre. He directed the police administration to recover illegal firearms everywhere. Since then, firearms have been recovered from various places including Salanpur and Keshpur. This time there is an additional addition to the living floor of South 24 Parganas. The police of Jibantala police station conducted a search operation from Saturday night. From there, five miscreants were arrested with firearms.

According to police sources, some people covered their bodies with firearms. So the police went down in a search operation here. Based on that formula, firearms were recovered from various places. Even miscreants are caught. Kartik De Majumder (28), Zafar Moral (19), Mintu Gain (40), Shahjahan Sheikh (32) and Rabiul Lashkar (31) were arrested from Jibantala.

What has been confiscated? নেমে Police recovered five illegal firearms from the miscreants during the operation. Each of them is sophisticated. A long shotgun, a rifle and a few rounds of ammunition were recovered from the suspects. Police have started investigation by filing an arms law case against the arrested miscreants.

Why did they gather with firearms? ‌ Where did these firearms come from? Who is behind these misdeeds? পুলিশ Police have started interrogation to find out. Lots of bombs were even recovered from Samsherganj in Murshidabad. So the police have started arrests and searches in every district. That is why bombs and cartridges are coming up from firearms.

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