Trade Unions: What is the trade union announcing Bharat Bandh and what is its importance for a worker, know in detail

Trade Unions: What is the trade union announcing Bharat Bandh and what is its importance for a worker, know in detail
There is a two-day Bharat Bandh in the country and this bandh has been done by different trade unions of the country. This Bharat Bandh has been called in protest against the economic policies of the Central Government and it will last for two days i.e. till today and tomorrow. During the Bharat Bandh, financial units like banks and post offices will be the main victims of this bandh as bank unions have also stepped forward with this bandh. But today we will talk about what is the trade union announcing these bandhs and we will also talk about how it works and what is its role in a democracy.

What is Trade Union?
Trade union is also known as labor union in colloquial language. It is a union which is formed by the workers of a particular area and they work for the interest of their union. These unions help their workers on the issues of fair wages, good working environment, working hours and other benefits. Trade unions represent their group of workers and act as a link or link between the management and the workers. The purpose of these unions is to look into the grievances of the workers and to raise the voice of all the people in front of the management.

History of trade union?
The trade union originated in Great Britain, continental Europe and the United States in the 19th century. In many countries, trade union is used as a synonym for the term labor movement. Small groups of workers began to appear in the 18th century, but they were only active for a very short time until the 19th century. Government pressure was an important factor behind this low activism. Although both the United States and Britain faced similar obstacles to the development of the union, in both countries the union proceeded differently over time.

Trade Union Act.
Trade unions in India are governed by the Trade Union Act. The TU (Trade Union) Act legalizes the formation of trade unions and provides adequate safeguards for trade union activities. The Trade Union Act of 1926 is a welfare law that protects the rights of organized and unorganized sector workers by protecting them from inhuman treatment. The registration and protection of these trade unions is done by this act.

Importance of union.
Trade union is very important for any sector because it is very necessary for the betterment of the worker. Let us know the importance of union.
1. The first objective of the trade union is to improve the economic condition of the workers by giving them better wages.
2. To ensure better working conditions for the workers.
3. Securing bonuses for workers from the profits of the organization.
4. Ensuring stable employment for workers and opposing management’s plans that reduce employment opportunities.
5. To provide legal aid to workers in respect of disputes regarding work and payment of wages.
6. To protect the jobs of workers against layoffs and layoffs etc.
7. To ensure that workers get pension, pension and other benefits as per rules.
8. Securing better protection and health welfare schemes for workers.
9. To secure the participation of workers in the management.
10. To inculcate discipline, self-respect and dignity among the workers.
11. Ensuring opportunities for promotion and training.
12. Securing organizational efficiency and high productivity.
13. To generate a committed industrial workforce to improve the productivity of the system.

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