Tragic! The death of a teenager in a bear attack, the wild animal being the victim of the anger of the locals

মর্মান্তিক! ভালুকের আক্রমণে কিশোরের মৃত্যু, স্থানীয়দের রোষের শিকার বন্যপ্রাণ

Own report: Tragic incident at Metli Chabagan in Malbazar subdivision. One teenager died in a bear attack. Allegedly, the agitated mob later beat the animal. The area adjacent to the whole incident. Huge police deployed.

According to local sources, a bear moved to Metli Chabagan in Malbazar subdivision. Ordinary people crowded the area to spread the news. Everyone went to see the bear. The rush to take pictures fell. Then disaster struck. A young man was killed in an attack while visiting a bear. The deceased was identified as Deepesh Khalko, 21. Upon receiving the news, the officials of the forest department including the killer range went to the spot. It is learned that the body lay in a bloody state for a long time. Forest officials had difficulty retrieving the body as the bear was hiding in the bushes. Allegedly, the agitated mob later beat the bear. The whole area is in turmoil due to the incident.

Wildlife expert Shyamaprasad Pandey criticized the incident. He said the incident could have been avoided if the police had been involved. Officials believe the bear entered the Metli Chabagan from the nearby Shipchu forest.

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