Tv Actress: ‘Hanuman Chalisha is playing in a closed room, greedy producer is coming forward …’

Tv Actress: 'বন্ধ ঘরে বাজছে হনুমান চলিশা, এগিয়ে আসছে লোলুপ প্রোডিউসর...'

Own report: One of the most popular small screen actresses is Shivya Pathania. He has gained popularity from the Bal Shiva series. The actress feels that she is blessed because she is full of confidence from a young age. According to him, the more work he does, the more work he will get. However, his self-confidence was hurt when he stepped into the world of acting. She won the beauty pageant. He has also acted in popular serials on small screen. But the actress claimed that she was not aware of the dark side of the industry.

Actress Shivya Pathania came on screen for the first time in ‘Humsafar’ series. But he was in trouble at that time as the series was stopped. The actress had no work for eight months. At that time, the actress fell in love with a person who asked her to compromise in return for her work. That person wants sexual favors from him.

The actress said, ‘I was called to audition in Santa Cruz. I entered the room, the room was very small. One person (maybe a producer) tells me that if you want to do this ad with a big celebrity, you have to compromise. Saying this, he kept coming towards me. The most interesting thing that I will never forget is that Hanuman Chalisa was running on his laptop at that time. It’s so funny that I laugh. I say, don’t you feel ashamed? What are you saying while listening to the hymns? ‘

Within a year of this incident, the truth came to light. Only then can the actress find out that the person is a fake, even her production company does not exist. Shiva said, ‘I tell all my friends about him. So that no one else gets caught in his net. I do not know how they get so much courage?

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