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Monday was a relief for the district police. After the incidents of robbery, dacoity and murder for the past one week, the police station and the district special team busted the inter-state Bawri gang that carried out the robbery by taking the old couple hostage in Pesangan. Along with the arrest of two operatives of the gang, the police also arrested a child abuser.


Two days back in Amritpura, Pisangan, the police managed to nab two operatives of the inter-state Bawri gang, who had committed the robbery by entering the house of an old couple at midnight. The police also arrested the child abuser involved in this incident. The police are still looking for three accused including the gang leader. The gang is expert in carrying out the crime by attacking with a slingshot.

Acting Additional Superintendent of Police (Ajmer Rural) Vaibhav Sharma said that on November 27, Mankaram Bawri (30) resident of Nagaur Thanwala Ladpura and Balveer Bawri (19) resident of Padukalan Jaijasni were arrested from the inter-state gang who committed robbery with an old couple in Amritpura, Pisangan. did. While the child struggling with the law involved in the incident was arrested. The police is engaged in investigation in relation to the gang leader and his associates and incidents.

slingshot weapon
In the police investigation, it was found that the Bawri gang was expert in running slingshots. The gang targets its prey with a slingshot from afar. After bursting the house lights and street lights in the street at night with a slingshot, the gang commits crimes in the dark.

do crime after racket

Gangs search for single family or such single elders by doing rake in the day before the incident. Then they enter the house in the dark of night and commit robbery and robbery.

Caught from crime record
On the basis of the information of the victim and the previous incidents and technical assistance, the District Special and Pesangan police arrested the operatives of the gang after a lot of effort. The accused confessed to committing the crime in police custody.

this was the incident

5-6 youths entered the house of 73-year-old Chitarmal of Amritpura at 12.15 pm on November 27. After beating his wife Birji Devi, he took away cash, jewelry. Chaudhary told the police that when the cow broke the peg and came to the door on the entry of the accused, he woke up. He tied the cow and started making tea in the kitchen when a young man hit the slingshot and burst the bulb outside the kitchen. When he came out of jail, he hit a stone on the neck with a slingshot. Putting a cloth in the mouth of his wife Birjidevi sleeping in another room, put a knife on her neck and asked for the keys. Instead of opening the lock, the accused broke the locks of the trunk and took away 50 thousand cash and jewelry.

There were wrinkles on the clothes
In the police investigation, Chhitar told that the clothes of the accused were wearing thorns while the accused were conversing in the local language. On the basis of the information given by the victim, the police searched the records of the local criminal elements and the involvement of the Bawri gang came to light.

He took action

Pisangan Police Officer Ramchandra Kumawat, Dewan Sukharam, Sepoy Rajendra, Prakash, Shobharam, Sanwarlal, Kushal, Mahendra, Anil, Pradhan, Lokesh, Ramesh along with Cyber ​​Cell Dewan Ranveer Singh, Rambabu, Rajkumar, Ajit Singh, Gajendra Singh and Suresh Chaudhary were included. .

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