Udaipur News: If the death is not decided, the body kept rotting for 3 days, if the deal was done for ₹ 7 lakh, then the post-mortem could be done

Udaipur News: If the death is not decided, the body kept rotting for 3 days, if the deal was done for ₹ 7 lakh, then the post-mortem could be done

Rajasthan News: A person was murdered in a mutual enmity in the tribal area of ​​Udaipur. But his postmortem could not be done till three days after the murder. After finally agreeing on the death of Rs 7 lakh, the police got the post-mortem done of the youth on Saturday. Till now Rs 120000 had been given.


  • Youth killed in mutual enmity in Udaipur’s tribal area
  • The dead body was lying for three days due to no decision on the amount of death
  • Post-mortem of the dead body was done after agreeing on Rs 7 lakh
Lord Prajapat, Udaipur: The practice of death is so prevalent in the tribal area of ​​Udaipur district of Rajasthan that even after death, the postmortem of the dead body is not done. Till the amount of death is not decided, the dead body has to be kept in the mortuary. In a similar case, the post-mortem of Banshilal’s body could not be done for 3 days. Due to mutual enmity, Banshilal was first taken hostage by the accused and later murdered with a 12 bore gun. After this incident, three days elapsed between the two sides. Then somewhere, 7 lakh rupees were agreed upon. And the people of the deceased’s side agreed for the post-mortem. So far one lakh 20 thousand rupees have been given by the accused side in this case. Whereas for the rest of the money, dates have been fixed in the coming days.
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this is the whole matter

Banshilal’s son Joriya Laur, a resident of Kundal of Kotada police station area of ​​Udaipur, was shot dead three days ago. The relatives of the deceased lodged a nominated report against Surya’s son Dita Laur, Lasa’s son Hariya Laur, Basanti’s son Uzma Laur, resident of Lower Kundal, who carried out the crime. After this, the police officer told that Banshilal Laur was working on the farm. During that the accused came there and seduced Banshi and took him to Surya’s house. After this, there first Banshilal was taken hostage and shot dead.
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Till now the accused have not come
After three days, even though there was an agreement on the death, but till now the main accused in the murder are out of the grip of the police. Police has started searching for the accused. The police raided many places for the arrest but the accused have not yet come.

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Web Title: post mortem done on third day of murder after settlement on mautana rs 7 lakh in udaipur
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