UP Election 2022: I have come out to defeat Kamandal… why did I come against Yogi, know what Chandrashekhar is saying

UP Election 2022: I have come out to defeat Kamandal... why did I come against Yogi, know what Chandrashekhar is saying
Sandeep Rai, Meerut: Bhim Army chief and Azad Samaj Party founder Chandrashekhar Azad has surprised everyone by announcing that he will contest against CM Adityanath. Many people are raising questions on contesting from Yogi’s stronghold. Chandrashekhar Azad has now clarified about the reasons for this. In response to the question why Chandrashekhar took this decision, he himself seems to be questioning. He questioned who is the most powerful candidate of BJP in UP? Who represents the kamandal here? He is Yogi Adityanath. Now the electoral battle in UP is back on Mandal vs Kamandal and I have vowed to defeat Kamandal. Azad Samaj Party has decided to go it alone in the UP assembly elections.

Social Inclusion Coalition announced
Chandrashekhar has also announced a social inclusion alliance. About 12 Dalit organizations have been added to this. Chandrashekhar Azad is trying to give a big message by connecting these organizations with the aim of providing representation to Bahujan Samaj in electoral politics. They have also released the list of 33 candidates in the first phase.

Announcement to add 100 small organizations
Chandrashekhar Azad has made our effort to connect 100 small political parties and organizations together. Giving information about the present alliance, he said that it includes Bharatiya Veer Dal, Loktantrik Suraksha Party and Sarvajan Lok Samaj Party. These parties represent communities like Valmiki, Pal, Kashyap, Panchal etc. We will bring parties representing such a society with us, so that that society can get proper leadership.

Reason also given for not having alliance with SP
Chandrashekhar also spoke big on the reasons for not having an alliance with the Samajwadi Party. He said that even after continuous talks with SP President Akhilesh Yadav, the alliance could not be done. He said that our demand was not about seats. We were talking about the rights of Dalits according to their population. He said that Dalits constitute about 25 per cent of the population in the state. On this basis their participation in power should be there. But, they were not ready to give us those rights. We tried to bring the opposition together, ‘Twitter leaders’ are not bothered about the ground reality. Hence, we decided to enter the electoral fray alone.

‘Bahujan Samaj Party is far from us’
Chandrashekhar said that Bahujan Samaj Party itself has distanced itself from us. He also acknowledged the raising of doubts in certain sections about his party. Chandrashekhar said that I know this road is going to be difficult. We are going to contest alone soon. But, this path is impossible, it is not. I have fought against BJP. For five years, he has faced his repressive policies. I have gone to jail I was kept in prison for two years. My fight is not for getting votes. I am fighting the fight for getting proper rights to Dalits.

Told Kanshi Ram the ideal
Chandrashekhar once again described Kanshi Ram, the founder of Bahujan Samaj Party, as his ideal. About the establishment of his party, he said that I have planted a mango tree. This is not a banana tree. It takes time for the roots of the mango tree to freeze. This election is my first experience. Kanshi Ram ji used to say that the first election is for losing. Second election is also for losing, but in third election you can win. We have nothing to lose.

Chandrashekhar has announced to contest against Yogi from Gorakhpur city assembly seat

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