UP Tourism: Like Ganga, preparations to run cruise in Yamuna river, Yogi government made a plan between Vrindavan to Gokul

UP Tourism: Like Ganga, preparations to run cruise in Yamuna river, Yogi government made a plan between Vrindavan to Gokul
Greno : The way in Banaras, tourists take part in Ganga Aarti from Kashi Vishwanath Corridor while sitting on a cruise in the Ganges. In the same way, people will be able to see the different colors of the Yamuna while sitting on the cruise and worshiping Shri Krishna. The state government has given a proposal to the Union Shipping Ministry to run a 14 km cruise for tourists in Yamuna river between Vrindavan to Gokul. Also, it will be proposed to the Waterways Authority of India. The Yamuna Authority is making a proposal for a heritage city in Mathura. Along with developing the river front, it has also been directed to include the plan to have darshan related to Lord Krishna from the cruise.

In order to change the picture of Brajbhoomi, the land of faith, the state government had directed the Yamuna Authority to build a heritage city at Raya near Noida International Airport. With the change in the heritage city project now, it has been decided to give it more grandeur. A separate 7 km long green field expressway is going to be built to connect Yamuna Expressway with Banke Bihari Temple in Vrindavan. This green field expressway will be connected with the bridge to be built by Braj Vikas Parishad on Yamuna river. The distance of Banke Bihari temple will be five hundred meters from here.
Light Metro Mathura: Light Metro will run from Mathura to Vrindavan, will be able to see Banke Bihari without getting stuck in the jam
Waterways Authority of India will conduct the survey
The Waterways Authority of India will be the first to survey the proposal to be sent in the first week of July by the UP government for the approval of the waterway between Gokul to Vrindavan in the Yamuna river. In this it will be seen that how much water remains in Yamuna river between Gokul to Vrindavan on normal days with monsoon. After preparing its report, the Waterways Authority will give its opinion on the proposal.
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Govardhan Connect Project with 84 Kos Parikrama Marg
To change the picture of Braj region, 52 km Braj Teerth and 72 km Govardhan Connect project has been given to Union Minister Nitin Gadkari by the state government to facilitate the path of circumambulation of 84 Kos. The Union Minister has given verbal consent to this proposal of the UP government. With the help of the Centre, the UP government is changing the picture of the entire Braj region. Yamuna Authority CEO Arunveer Singh said that the heritage city is being developed in 1200 acres to increase the tourism potential in the Braj region.

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