UTTAR PRADESH ASSEMBLY ELECTIONS 2022: 36% of the leaders in UP have criminal cases, 114 candidates have criminal background in BJP

UTTAR PRADESH ASSEMBLY ELECTIONS 2022: यूपी में 36% नेतों पर आपराधिक मामले, भाजपा में 114 विधारकों का क्रिमिनल बैकग्राउंड

UTTAR PRADESH ASSEMBLY ELECTIONS 2022: UP has the highest crime rate. All the parties talk of a crime free state in their election promises. But if we take out the figures of the parties, then their own MLAs have serious allegations against them. Let us tell you how many MLAs have criminal cases registered against which party in the state.

Lucknow. All the parties in UP are engaged in the election campaign. All the parties are claiming that with his arrival the crime will be reduced. But if we look at the criminal cases of the sitting MLAs, they present a different picture. If we look at the statistics of 2017 assembly elections in UP, out of 403 MLAs, 138 have criminal cases registered. UP is the largest state in the country and also has the highest number of crime cases. Talking about the MLAs who won in the assembly, here 36% of the MLAs come from criminal background.

859 candidates had criminal cases

Out of 4823 candidates fielded for 403 seats, 859 candidates were accused. Out of the same 859, 704 were facing serious charges. Explain that in serious offenses, a person can be jailed for 5 years or more and these are non-bailable offences. Criminal record candidates were fielded in all parties. In which 33% of the candidates already had cases registered.

138 criminals won elections out of 859 candidates

The parties have fielded criminal candidates, but the surprising thing is that out of 859, 138 candidates reached the assembly after winning. 36% of the candidates who won in UP have a crime against them. By the way, this figure has come down compared to 2012. There are 114 MLAs from criminal background in BJP, while 72 MLAs have serious allegations against them in opposition.

Criminal cases in BJP MLAs

The BJP had won 312 seats in the 2017 assembly, including 114 MLAs with criminal records. MLA Abhijit Singh Sanha, who comes from Bithoor, has the highest number of 10 crimes registered in the BJP. The Chief Minister of the state Yogi Adityanath also has many criminal cases registered against him.

MLA with highest criminal record

Congress’s UP state president Ajay Singh Lallu has 16 cases registered against him, including many serious criminal cases. The same BSP MLA Mukhtar Ansari also has 16 cases registered against him. And if we talk about SP, then MLA Hariom Yadav, who comes to Sirsaganj, has 7 criminal records.

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