Vaishali student murder case: Suspected accused got caught by the mob, angry people thrashed fiercely, police got locked in the house with the youth

Vaishali student murder case: Suspected accused got caught by the mob, angry people thrashed fiercely, police got locked in the house with the youth


  • People were seen dragging and thrashing a suspected accused who was caught by the mob
  • The police locked themselves inside a house regarding the suspected accused youth
  • Violent crowd of thousands started creating ruckus around the police
  • To convince the uncontrollable people, the police called the father of the deceased student on the spot.

Chandramani Kumar, Hajipur
After the murder of a girl student in Hajipur, there was a huge uproar on Monday as well. The mob caught a young man on suspicion of killing the girl student. After this, a violent mob was seen dragging and beating the suspect on the road. On getting information about the incident, the SP, who arrived with a heavy police force, took the accused out of the crowd and took them to the police station.

In fact, on September 15, a class 10 student was brutally murdered. The deceased student was going to study Samastipur coaching from her home on 14th September. The body of the kidnapped student was found the next day in a puddle near the house. The girl’s cycle was missing from the spot. Today, the villagers got the news of the deceased student being with a young man from the nearby village. On the spot, the bicycle of the deceased student was recovered from a puddle. After getting the bicycle, the villagers became furious and started beating the suspect in front of the police.

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Police got locked in a house with the accused to avoid the crowd
The mob was seen dragging the accused youth on the road and beating him. To avoid the angry mob, the police somehow locked themselves in a house along with the accused youth. A violent crowd of thousands was creating a ruckus outside. The father of the deceased student was called on the spot to handle the uncontrollable condition. The father of the deceased student stood atop the police jeep and repeatedly appealed to the violent crowd to calm down, but the crowd looked uncontrollable.

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Police dispersed the crowd by lathi-charge
Seeing the situation becoming uncontrollable, Vaishali reached SP with the police force. After which the violent crowd was dispersed. Police officers were seen waving pistols in their hands in front of the crowd. The police started chasing the crowd by lathi-charge. Amidst the uncontrollable situation, the police team somehow brought the accused youth out of the crowd to the police station.

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The murder case will be revealed soon: SP
Vaishali SP Manish Kumar said that the police is very close to the disclosure of this murder. Soon the wire related to this murder will be disclosed. The youth, who has been rescued from the mob today and brought to the police station, is being questioned.

mob thrashing suspected killer

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