Vastu: Do you know the greatness of a little clove and a piece of camphor?

Vastu: একটু লবঙ্গ আর এক টুকরো কর্পূরের মাহাত্ম্য জানেন?

Own report: According to ecology, having an ecosystem in any home is an obstacle to happiness and family well-being. Negative energy due to environmental pollution has a bad effect on one’s destiny. Besides, the people of the house faced various problems.

According to ecology, camphor is considered to be important and effective in eliminating defects in the house. Camphor has some properties that help in eliminating ecological defects.

Placing a piece of camphor in the corner of all the rooms of a house does not affect the members living in that house.

Every morning and evening, burn camphor, rub it, dip it and turn it around the house. As a result, positive energy is transmitted in the house and happiness is maintained in the house.

Burning cloves and camphor in a clean pot after finishing kitchen work at night is beneficial. This is good for the family, as well as business or shops there are also beneficial.

Many times the work remains half-finished. Or even after a lot of hard work, success is not found. According to the ecosystem, in such a situation, burn cloves and camphor in a pot and rotate it around the house regularly. This will remove the work stoppage. Giving a few drops of camphor oil in the bath water gives vitality and vitality to the body.

For positive energy in the house, you have to burn camphor in every corner every morning or evening. Burning camphor on the south-east side of the house every evening not only increases wealth but also maintains economic prosperity.

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