Vehicles took the place of gums, open violation of rules

गुमठियों की जगह गाडिय़ों ने ली, नियमों का खुला उल्लंघन

Ignoring Responsible: On the banks of Shahpura Pond and in front of Campion School, the biggest problem

Bhopal. There has been an increase in the use of old and junk vehicles as catering centers. This is in violation of the provisions of Motor Vehicle Act and Municipal Corporation. It is highest on the Chowpatty on the banks of Shahpura pond. Apart from this, from one wheel ice cream parlor to juice center and other items, they have been given the form of shops. Surprisingly, from the police to the responsible officers of the corporation administration, they are constantly ignoring them.

Under the Motor Vehicle Act, the original form of any vehicle cannot be changed. For this the permission of RTO and related agencies is necessary. This is the reason why the administration and RTO say to take action at their level regarding the modification of old jeep and car. However, no strict action is taken. Similarly, under the Municipal Corporation Act, the size of the Gumti is fixed and they can be operated only with permission, but this is not happening.

these are the problems
On-wheel shops are arbitrarily placed anywhere in the roads and markets, which creates a situation of jam. Many junk vehicles are being kept in one place. Here their tires get punctured and freeze. This is increasing the problem.

The rules regarding the shop will be shown on the vehicle. Shops should be set up according to the rules and they should be set up at the designated place, will ensure that. The corporation will discuss the matter with the concerned officers and take action.
Kavinder Kiyawat, Administrator Municipal Corporation

Delay in resolving electricity related matters
Here, due to the strike of power outsourced workers, the hearing of complaints related to electricity in the city was affected on Monday. There are about five thousand outsourced workers in Bhopal and due to the strike, coffee has stopped working. This delayed the hearing of consumer complaints by four to five hours. Only regular employees of the corporation remained on the job. The employees also demonstrated at the Bijli Gate of Bhopal.

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