Vijayadashami festival today, there will be no Ravana combustion

विजयादशमी पर्व आज, नहीं होगा रावण दहन

Due to the Kovid epidemic, there is no Ravana combustion even in the second year.
200 people allowed in religious-social events
– Firecrackers have already been banned in the state

Barmer. The festival of Vijayadashami will be traditionally celebrated on Friday. But due to Kovid rules, the effigy of Ravana will not be burnt. This is the second year when Dussehra fair will not be held on Dussehra. Last year also, the fair was not filled due to non-combustion of Ravana due to Kovid. Whereas Ravan Dahan has been taking place in the Adarsh ​​Stadium of Barmer for years.
In the new guidelines issued by the state government recently, only 200 people have been allowed to participate in socio-religious events. In such a situation, when Ravana is burnt, crowds of people gather. At the same time, the government has already banned firecrackers due to Corona. Even in such a situation it is not possible to burn Ravana.
Ramlila did not happen this time
Due to Corona, this year also Ramlila was not organized. Earlier this time it was decided not to stage Ramlila on behalf of the organizing committee. Due to this Ramlila was not organized. Whereas Ramlila has been staged here continuously for the last several years in the station road school premises of the city. It is noteworthy that the effigy of Ravana has been prepared by the city council at the Adarsh ​​stadium. But this time too no tender was done for the manufacture of effigies due to the ban on firecrackers.
Corona has made festivals shine
The Covid pandemic has dimmed the brilliance of the festivals. Whereas with the onset of Dussehra, the glory of Diwali started appearing. But last year and this time also the shadow of Kovid is not leaving people behind. Due to this the scope of traditional festivals has been reduced and now the enthusiasm is also less visible.
Fireworks banned this time too
The government has already banned firecrackers in the state. Due to this, crackers will not be sold on Diwali this time too. Last Diwali, there was a ban on the sale and release of firecrackers due to Kovid, this time too, in view of the problems caused by the smoke of firecrackers to the Kovid infected, it has been banned only last month. While issuing the order, the Home Department had earlier ordered a ban on selling and running firecrackers from October 1 to January 31, 2022.
There is a ban on fireworks, so there is no event
Fireworks are the main attraction on Vijayadashami. Due to Kovid, there is a ban on firecrackers. Therefore, this time no Dussehra is being organized.
Dalip Poonia, Commissioner Municipal Council Barmer

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