Vivekananda’s Thoughts Vs Video Game Generation Will Young India Be A Superpower?


New Delhi: Swami Vivekananda’s birthday is celebrated on 12 January and on this occasion, let us know how Vivekananda’s ideas are being fought with the generation of video games in today’s era. If the youth of India keep playing video games like this for the next 20 years, then India will never be able to become the world’s superpower.

India is the youngest country in middle age

India is the biggest youth power in the world. The median age of the total population of India is 28 years. It is also called Median Age. You can also understand it in such a way that at present half of the population of India is below 28 years of age. While the remaining half of the population is above 28 years of age. And in this respect, India comes in the youngest countries of the world. Whereas countries like China and America, which are very developed and rich, are aging faster than India. The median age of people in America and China is 37 years. Apart from this, Australia is 39 years old, Russia is 40 years old, Canada is 42 years old, in Western European countries the median age of people is 45 years and in Japan this age is 49 years. That is, half of Japan’s population is over 49 years old. Meaning half the population has become old and the same situation is with countries like America and China. But India is a country which has a strong power house in the form of youth power.

only 20 years old

Although our country does not have much time. Overall, the youth of India have only 20 years left. If India becomes a developed country in these 20 years, then the future of the country will be modern and better in many ways. But if these 20 years pass like this, then we will also be in a situation like China and America, where more population will be of old people. People between the ages of 15 and 59 in any country. They are the wheel of the economy of that country. These are the people who are in the work force, pay taxes to the government and take care of children and old people and at present the share of this age group in the total population of India is 62.5 percent. That is, about 63 people out of every 100 are of that age, who are running the economy of the country. But according to an estimate, the peak of people of this age will come in the year 2036 and their share will increase from 62.5% to 65% in the country and after that India will start getting old. Therefore, if you understand from this situation, then India does not even have a full 20 years. But despite this, most of the youth of our country are trapped in the addiction of video games today. That’s why India can learn a lot from Japan if it wants.

India can learn this from Japan

Even though Japan is counted among the old countries. But once upon a time Japan was as young as India. Between 1964 and 2004, most of Japan’s population was as young as India, and during this time Japan made a lot of progress. Today, Japan competes with countries like America in technology and other areas, so the reason for this is that it did not let its 20 to 30 years go to waste. If Japan does not use its youth power properly at that time. So today it would have been difficult for him to cut his old age and China also understands this, which first abolished the One Child Policy and has now given legal recognition to the birth of more than two children.

Today’s children will play an important role in the economy

However, the biggest advantage for India as compared to these countries is that our youth power is like a diamond of Kohinoor for India. At present, there are 8 to 10 crore children in the age group of 15 to 18 years in India, who are still being vaccinated. Whereas the number of children under the age of 15 or less is more than 36 crores. That is, at present more than 46 crore children in the country are below the age of 18 years and in the next 20 years, these 46 crore children will join the work force of India and after that they will be responsible for the economy of India for two decades.

46 crore children are victims of online gaming

Imagine, if these 46 crore children will be educated, they will have the skills, then how much will the power of India increase. But 7 crore of these children are victims of online gaming addiction today. In English it is also called Demographic Dividend. You understand it in such a way that when a change in the age of the population of a country helps in the economic development of that country, then it is called Demographic Dividend. In this situation, the labor force of that country means that the number of workers is more. With the increase in the number of workers, the savings of that country increases. With increasing savings, investment increases and by increasing investment, new economic opportunities arise and these economic opportunities promote industrialization.

Today’s youth have lost their way!

However, to believe that India’s youth power will make it a superpower, it will also be a big mistake. If the skill development of the people of India is not done, then there will be no new innovations and the youth power of India will be limited to a few areas. The national income of any country increases only when people are in High Skilled Jobs. But most of the youth of today prefer to make reels on social media instead of High Skilled Jobs. They are more concerned with innovation than how they make an impression among their friends.

Youngsters who wish to have more vacation than innovation

If the health of the youth is not good, then they cannot make the country a super power. For example, if a large part of the younger generation becomes lazy and avoids working hard, then the country will never be able to become a super power. Jobless growth can also disable the youth power. If a youth does not get a job after studying and writing, then he will not be able to contribute to the economy of the country if he does not get employment. Therefore it is necessary to create new employment opportunities. However, there is a challenge here that many youths of India do not want to prepare themselves for employment. The youth of our country want to make software, but do not want to create a software company. They think about vacation more than innovation and according to a survey, 32 percent of the unemployed in India believe that if they do not get a job, then they will not even think of doing any work on their own. That is, the idea of ​​becoming self-reliant is not in the DNA of many youths.

Take inspiration from Swami Vivekananda

Therefore, if the youth of our country want, they can take inspiration from the ideas of Swami Vivekananda for innovation. Swami Vivekananda once said that take risks in your life, if you win you will lead and if you lose you will guide. So you have to remember this thing.

What is the age of the young country?

The youth of India is not only responsible for the economy. Rather, their participation in the political system of the country is also necessary. But despite this, most of the youth of this country think that by doing something for them, this country and its politics will not change and perhaps this is the reason that in the country which has 25% voters between 18 and 29 years of age, in 23 states of the same country. All the MPs are above 40 years of age. While 16 chief ministers are 50 to 70 years old. Apart from this, there are also three Chief Ministers, whose age is more than 75 years. The youngest Chief Minister in the country is Kenrad Sangma of Meghalaya. His age is 43 years. Apart from this, the average age of MPs in the youngest country is 54 years. Which was the highest 55 years in 1999.

Why don’t youth have political will?

The youth of our country do not want to step into politics considering it as mud because it will also make them dirty. But because of this thinking, the youth vote bank does not have that importance in the politics of India today, which is the vote bank of Muslims, Dalits and any other caste. Think how strange it is that, for the political parties of this country, more than 25 percent youth vote bank, 15 percent Muslim vote bank is more important. Because the youth of our country never understood their power.

The whole world believes in the iron of Indian youth

However, it is not that the youth of India do not have talent or they cannot innovate. The whole world accepts the iron of the progressive thinking of the youth of India. That is why 35 percent of the scientists in the tech company Apple, 34 percent in Microsoft, 28 percent in IBM, 17 percent in Intel and 36 percent in the US space agency NASA are of Indian origin. This shows about the brain power of India. Although it is also true that the same youth of our country do not want to do innovation by staying in India. But if they do so, then perhaps India will reach the pinnacle of development. This is believed to be because at present the age of the owners of Top 10 Start-Ups with market value of Rs 5 lakh 67 thousand crore in India is between 29 to 41 years. That is, they are all young.

Swamiji’s address to the youth of slave India

During the period when Swami Vivekananda was at the peak of his life, India was a slave of the British. While addressing the young generation of slave India, Swami Vivekananda had said that Arise, wake up and do not stop till the goal is achieved. Make what you are thinking, the idea of ​​your life, think about it, dream for it, live with that thought. Your mind, your muscles, your nerves and every part of your body should be filled with that thought. This is the formula for success.

These are the thoughts which sowed the seeds of self-respect and freedom in the minds of the youth of India at the time of slavery. But we feel that today Vivekananda’s idea is being fought with the generation of video games and if this generation does not work hard for the next 20 years, then India will never be able to become a Vishwa Guru.

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