‘Vladimir Putin seriously ill with cancer’, leaked audio-tape revealed big


Vladimir Putin Health Update: There have been many claims about the health of Russian President Vladimir Putin for a long time. But so far no truth has been seen in Putin’s health claims. Now former UK spy Christopher Steele has made a startling claim about Putin.

Who is Christopher Steele?

Former British spy Christopher Steele has claimed that Russian President Vladimir Putin is seriously ill. Let us tell you that Steele wrote a dossier on Donald Trump and accused him of Russian interference in the 2016 US election campaign. Now speaking to Sky News, he has said that what we are hearing from sources in Russia and elsewhere is that Putin is definitely seriously ill.

Revealed in leaked audio tape

Meanwhile, discussions of a leaked audio tape have also gained momentum. In which a person who has close ties with Putin has also reportedly said that the Russian leader is suffering from blood cancer. The man was heard discussing Putin’s health with the Western bourgeoisie. This leaked audio recording is in the hands of the American magazine New Lines.

Putin had back surgery?

Citing leaked audio tapes, Putin is said to have had surgery on his back related to blood cancer shortly before ordering an invasion of Ukraine. It also says that the Russian President has gone mad.

Speculation about the Russian President

after the ukraine war

There is speculation about the deteriorating health of the Russian President. Vladimir Putin also looked a little weaker than before at public events, including the Victory Day celebrations last week.

Media reports claimed

Media reports earlier this month claimed that the Russian president may undergo cancer surgery and temporarily hand over power to the head of the Security Council and former Federal Security Service (FSB) commander Nikolai Petrushev.

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