Want to Lose Weight Quicker? Level Up Your Lateral Running with These Variants

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Speed is the new scale of the digital age. From bill payments to banking services, everything is so fast, instant and rapid these days. And when it comes to weight loss, people have the most unthinkable aspirations. Even before you start with your fitness journey and diet plan, you want to see the best results. You may tend to lose sight of reality and have no patience to devote enough time. But as in many situations, ideal levels in fitness can be accomplished by maintaining consistency. If some of you are already following a weight-loss plan but wish to see the results faster, you can try lateral running. With variations, though. Raise the bar by modifying your lateral running, such that you can make the most of your efforts.

These are simple modifications which can change your regimen radically. Not only will they spruce up your running by breaking the monotony, these revisions will also help you get rid of that stubborn fat faster.

To begin with, 5 sets of a minute long rep each with a 15-second break in between. Here are a few tips for a quick weight loss transformation:

Squat – run – squat

Get ready in squat position, hop twice laterally on the left, squat again, get up, move to the right side.

Hop – run – hop

While you move your arms from the side to over your head, take two lateral hops on one side, take a hop again, and move to the other side for repeat.

Lunge – run – lunge

First do lunges first with one leg, and then with another. Take two hops on one side laterally, lunge again, hop to another side, and repeat.

Shadow punch – run – shadow punch

Do side-to side shadow punches. Now, to one side, take two lateral hops, punch again, and on the other side do a lateral run and repeat

Burpee – run – burpee

Burpees doesn’t have a major fan following but wait till you see the results. Do a full burpee, then stand, to the left, take two hops laterally, complete a burpee again, and repeat the hop on another side.

Basically, lateral run is side-to-side running. You need to stand two feet wide. The space between your feet should be more than your shoulder width. Move side-to-side. Bend a little forward with back straight, and keep your core strong. Considered to be one of the most effective lower-body exercises, lateral running is better than any other cardio exercise. It makes the core strong and tight and strengthens the legs. To do lateral running, you require space so ensure your runway is clear.

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