Wanted to become a mother, a woman got pregnant by ordering sperm online; When a child is born, it is named E-Baby

मां बनने की थी चाहत, ऑनलाइन Sperm ऑर्डर कर प्रेग्नेंट हुई महिला; बच्चा हुआ तो नाम रखा E-Baby

London: A British woman wanted a child after separating from her husband, but she was in no mood to take the risk of getting into a relationship again. After this the woman took such a step that everyone was surprised. The woman made an online sperm order and got pregnant. Now she has given birth to a baby boy, named ‘E-Baby’.

Woman becomes mother of second child

According to the report of ‘The Sun’, 33-year-old Stephanie Taylor, who lives in Teeside, UK, has a child from her first husband, but she wanted another child. However, she was in no mood to settle down again. Meanwhile, he came to know about online sperm delivery. She ordered sperm without delay and got pregnant from it. Now she has become the mother of the second child. Since the baby was born with sperm ordered online, it has been named ‘e-baby’.

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No money for IVF

Stephanie Taylor did not have enough money to get IVF done from any hospital. Stephanie said, ‘I was very happy to get information about sperm online. I first gathered all the information and told some of my friends about it too. After this I ordered sperm through a baby app. Along with this, I also ordered an insemination kit.

Information gathered from YouTube

By the time both of these things reached Stephanie, she had gotten information from YouTube about how to use it. After booking the sperm, the sperm donor himself came to his house and gave him the sperm. After this, Stephanie became pregnant using sperm with the help of insemination kit. Recently she has given birth to a daughter.

Not even admitted in the hospital

Stephanie says that this is nothing less than a miracle for her. She said, ‘If I did not have access to electronic resources, I would never have been able to become a mother like this’. The surprising thing is that the woman did not even have to be admitted to the hospital. Stephanie said that it was a good thing that she had found a sperm donor of her choice.

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