war or peace? Russia and America face to face in Geneva over Ukraine, will there be any way out

 war or peace?  Russia and America face to face in Geneva over Ukraine, will there be any way out


  • High level talks between US and Russia continue in Geneva
  • America is showing tough stand regarding Ukraine, even Russia is not ready to bow down
  • There is little hope of any outcome of the talks, America also accepted

Formal talks between the US and Russia on Ukraine have begun in Geneva. Senior officials of both countries are trying to defuse the ongoing political and military tensions in Europe. However, many experts say that there is little hope of any solution coming out of such talks. At present, about one lakh Russian soldiers are stationed on the Ukrainian border with heavy weapons. Many European countries, including America, fear that Russia might attack Ukraine.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov with his delegation led by Swiss police escort arrived at the US Embassy. At the embassy, ​​Ryabkov had one-on-one talks with US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman and his team. The meeting was part of the Strategic Security Dialogue, which was initiated by President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin during the June summit in Geneva.

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Russia is also not ready to bow down in talks
During an informal feast on Sunday, Ryabkov predicted talks in Geneva would be tight, followed by a NATO-Russia meeting in Brussels on Wednesday. This will be followed by a meeting between multilevel organizations related to security and cooperation in Europe on Thursday in Vienna. During this all western countries will try to put pressure on Ukraine.

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aRussia is seeking concession from America and Western countries
Moscow has demanded a number of concessions from the US and its Western allies. These demands also included that NATO would no longer expand eastward into countries such as Ukraine, once a member of the Soviet Union, Russia. According to an estimate, about one lakh Russian soldiers are presently gathered on the border of Ukraine. This has raised concerns about the possibility of serious military intervention by Russia.

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America listened to Russia
During the dinner on Sunday, Sherman emphasized America’s commitment to international principles of sovereignty, territorial integrity and the freedom of sovereign states to choose allies, State Department spokesman Ned Price said. “Sherman recognized that the United States welcomes real progress through diplomacy,” Price said.

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US Secretary of State said – no hope of success
US Secretary of State Antony Blinken bluntly said on Sunday that he did not expect any success in the coming week. He said the most likely positive outcome could be that both sides agree to an agreement to de-escalate tensions in the short term and hold talks at an appropriate time in the future. It is very difficult to see that tensions are rising, Russia with 100,000 soldiers holding guns to Ukraine’s head, Blinken said on ABC’s This Week program, the number of soldiers is expected to double in a very short time.

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