WEST BENGAL—Art on canvas

WEST BENGAL---कला के कैनवास पर कलाकारी

No training, no class, yet well versed in art on canvas

WEST BENGAL–Kolkata (Shishir Sharan Rahi). No training, no class, yet well versed in art on canvas. Neelam Sethia made a special place in the art world, including Usta art, in oil paintings, graphics and. Despite being the daughter-in-law of a traditional Marwari family, Neelam’s dedication towards art is an example.

Grand-daughter-in-law of the great poet Kanhaiyalal Sethia

The expatriate Rajasthani Neelam Sethia, the grand-daughter of the great poet Padmashree Kanhaiyalal Sethia of Rajasthan, has mastered the famous Usta art (golden emerald work on camel skin) of Bikaner. For the first time, through this art, Neelam engraved the picture of Kanhaiyalal Sethia on canvas. Which was also displayed on the 100th birth anniversary of Sethia in the Birla Auditorium. Neelam, who was educated up to M.Com, did not take any training from any institute to drive the knife. From childhood, during his schooling, he became fond of paintings. Along with Usta artwork, he has a hold on Badal Art, Oil Paintings and Mix Media etc. His art exhibition was appreciated by former Governor of Bengal Keshari Nath Tripathi. He participated in the online national-international exhibition during the Corona period. Certificate of Appreciation from Jeeto Kolkata and Srijan Award at Kalamandir. The first exhibition of Sapphire was held at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kolkata.

Native of Bikaner

Originally a resident of Bikaner, Neelam was born in Kolkata. Influenced by Indian mythology, nature, making social service the goal, she fills her canvas with color. From childhood he was interested in art. There are many artists in Usta Mohalla and Ust Ki Bari of Bikaner even today. Usta Kala is recognized internationally. The family consists of husband Gautam Sethia, son Srimangalam Sethia and a daughter Shubhashree Sethia. She has full support of her father-in-law JP Sethia, husband Gautam Sethia and all the members of the in-laws side in performing her art.

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