WEST BENGAL – What was chaman yesterday has turned into ashes today

WEST BENGAL-कल जो चमन था आज खाक में तब्दील

Four families left homeless due to Kolutola fire, goods worth lakhs wasted, magazine investigation

BENGAL FIRE NEWS-KOLKATA. The fire that broke out in a multi-storey building in Kolutola on Monday was extinguished, but it left four families homeless. While goods worth lakhs were also destroyed by burning. The whole building is empty. Apart from this, the roof of the first, second and third floors has collapsed. Fire brigade personnel were present at the spot till Tuesday evening, the second day of the fire, and smoke was still coming out. The chaman which was there till yesterday has now turned into dust. Despite having a shop, the shopkeepers here have come on the sidewalk.

pain of speech

Anwar Ali, 62, said they had come to the footpath. His belongings worth Rs 5 lakh have been destroyed by the fire. His shop was on the first floor of the building where the fire broke out. Ali said he had an electric motor business. During the extinguishing of the fire, everything was ruined by the water cannons done by the firefighters.

fire broke out again

Mohammad Asghar, Mohammad Buland Akhtar Khan, Mohammad Manzoor Elahi, who lived in the same building, said that the fire broke out once again at 6 am on Tuesday. Firefighters are still engaged. Iftikhar Ahmed, the operator of Hafiz Book Depot here, says that his religious books worth 15 to 20 lakhs were ruined. At the same time, some other residents alleged that despite the information, the fire brigade reached the spot with a delay of 2 hours. The building has developed cracks at several places. All the items kept, including plastic toys, were of no use. It is noteworthy that the multi-storey building in Kolutola where the fire broke out has godowns and shops.

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