What is the connection of Shakti Mills case with Kasab case? The accused were caught by the tip of a sex worker

 What is the connection of Shakti Mills case with Kasab case?  The accused were caught by the tip of a sex worker
The Bombay High Court on Thursday commuted the death sentence of three accused, Vijay Jadhav, Mohammad Qasim Sheikh and Mohammad Salim Ansari, to life imprisonment in the Shakti Mills gangrape. Although the Shakti Mill gang rape case is of the year 2013, but the connection of detection of this case is being linked to the 26/11 case of the year 2008. How? An officer of Mumbai Crime Branch narrated its unique story.

According to this officer, we got information about Salim Ansari that he had a regular visit to a sex worker in Lemington Road, Mumbai. For that he also took a rented house for a few months in Nalasopara and asked him to leave this business. But she was not ready for it and came back to Leamington Road. Despite the separation, the relationship of the two continued and she continued to help Ansari every now and then in times of trouble.

Ansari had switched off his mobile after the Shakti Mill gang rape case, so the crime branch took this sex worker’s mobile on surveillance. One day it came to know that Ansari called this girl from the PCO near the railway station in Surat and demanded some money. Immediately the crime branch team reached this girl and then took out the complete details of Ansari from her. Told him that what a big crime Ansari has committed. If she does not help the crime branch, then the crime branch will arrest her. After this the girl promised that she would do as the crime branch told her. The next day Ansari got a call again from the girl. Said that he has to run to Kolkata, he needs about five thousand rupees. The girl said that give some time, then I will tell whether arrangements will be made or not. Several hours later, Ansari again got a call from the girl.

He said that yes, money has been arranged, tell me, how to reach the amount to you? Ansari then asked him to reach Girgaum Chowpatty. When the girl reached Chowpatty, she was asked to reach the Opera House near Sukh Sagar Building. When the girl reached there, she was asked to reach the place in Girgaum where the 26/11 encounter took place and Ajmal Kasab was caught. The girl reached there after sometime. As Ansari was taking the money from him, he was then arrested by Inspector Bhaskar Kadam along with his teammate Hriday Mishra, whose bullets had injured Kasab and Abu Ismail five years before that arrest. After the arrest of Salim Ansari, one by one more accused kept getting caught.

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