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The question was asked in the magazine. Readers got mixed reactions, here are the selected responses.

Published: January 20, 2022 06:15:38 pm

election campaign on government expense
The wrong people also win elections due to costly elections, which is a threat to democracy. The government should bear the election expenses. A fixed amount should be earmarked for each able-bodied candidate.
-P Mohan, Bhilai Chhattisgarh

What is your point, what is the impact of expensive elections on democracy?

money power elections
The increased use of money in elections reduces opportunities for the poor in the electoral process. Fair elections have become difficult.
-Shraddha Talwadiya, Pachpahar, Jhalawar

corruption is on the rise
The candidate yen ken makes up his mind to win the election, then spends a lot of money and after winning does illegal work to make up for that money. This is the reason why corruption is increasing today. The voter also defeats the honest candidate due to greed and greed.
Rameshwarlal Ameta, Rajsamand

voters are affected
Highly expensive elections are costly for candidates with a clean and honest image. Expenditure of excessive money in elections affects the voters. With the influence of money power, the winning candidate starts making money. This gives rise to problems like corruption, inflation and nepotism.
Ekta Sharma, Gariaband, Chhattisgarh

common man’s courage
In a democracy, a common man can contest elections, but elections have become so expensive that not everyone dares to contest elections. Due to this, only people of criminal image or wealthy class can win the election.
Lalit Punadia, Rani, Pali

drawback of democracy
Unqualified candidates also win elections because of their money power. Such persons join the government. This is the drawback of democracy.
-Dev Gujarati, Bhilwara
…………………………..Not in the interest of democracy
It is wrong to spend unnecessarily in elections. It is wrong to mislead the voters or to lure the voters by making expensive campaigns. Voters find it difficult to elect their representatives fairly. Seeing the weakening of their support base, candidates spend unnecessarily in elections. There is open misuse of money in elections. This is not in the interest of democracy.
-Rekha Upadhyay, Manendragarh Korea, Chhattisgarh

no development work
The candidate spends a lot of money in the election from the costly elections and after winning the election, he starts earning money. Does not get development work done, due to which the problems of the people increase.
Mohar Singh Salawad, Bikaner

government in wrong hands
Some candidates use the power of money and power to woo voters in their favor and win elections. This puts the government in the wrong hands and thus the development of the country does not take place.
Gopal Raikwar, Manendragarh, Korea, Chhattisgarh

cut down on expenses
Talks of electoral reforms are made loudly, but there is no special reform. This is the reason why the electoral process in India is becoming more expensive year after year. This is really worrying.
-Sajid Ali Indore.

big challenge
The continuous increase in expenditure in elections is emerging as a major challenge in the political system. The participation of capable and talented people in the democratic governance system in the country is decreasing. This is contrary to the basic spirit of the democratic system of governance.
Sanjeev Kumar Mishra, Sambhar Lake, Jaipur

Money power and muscle power getting encouragement
Expensive elections are harming the very spirit and roots of democracy. At the same time, it is also a betrayal of the principle of equality inherent in democracy because if the common man wants to contest elections, he has to back down due to lack of money. Expensive elections encourage money power and muscle power.
Keshav Sharma, Shrimadhopur, Sikar


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