When the auto driver tore in front of Aamir Khan, the poster of his film, know the story

जब ऑटो ड्राइवर ने आमिर खान के सामने ही फाड़ दिया था, उनकी इस फिल्म का पोस्टर, जानें किस्सा

New Delhi: Aamir Khan was made an overnight star by his film ‘Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak’, in which Juhi Chawla was in the lead role with him. But do you know that for the promotion of this film, Aamir himself did less to put up the posters of the film. During this, an auto rickshaw driver tore the poster of his film in front of him. Let us know what happened after all.

Actually, Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan of Bollywood did not get any recognition for him in his first film ‘Holi’. After this Aamir Khan’s uncle made a film for him from Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak. In which Juhi Chawla was signed with him.

Due to the low budget, not much was spent on the promotion of this film. Aamir Khan himself took up the responsibility of promoting the film. He advised that if nothing else, at least one can put small posters of the film behind the auto rickshaw in Mumbai.

According to media reports, Aamir Khan along with some of his friends started pasting posters of the film behind taxis and autos in Mumbai. While pasting the poster, Aamir would also tell the taxi drivers that I am the hero of this film, you must go to see the film. At the same time, one night Aamir Khan and his two friends reached Bandra station, where many autos used to stand by the line. After reaching here, Aamir was sticking a poster in an auto that the auto driver saw. After this the driver got angry on Aamir and started abusing him.

According to media reports, Aamir had also apologized to that driver, but he still did not calm down. After this Aamir’s friends took over the matter, but that auto guy tore the poster of his film in front of Aamir. Amir was deeply saddened by this.

But when Aamir and Juhi’s film ‘Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak’ was released, the film proved to be a superhit and the film had made a new record of success. The film also won 8 Filmfare Awards and 2 National Awards.

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