Where did ‘God’s hand’ come from in space, NASA told the story behind

अंतरिक्ष में कहां से आया 'भगवान का हाथ', NASA ने बताई पीछे की कहानी

New Delhi: The mysteries of space have always fascinated everyone. There have been many discoveries and revelations regarding this, due to which common people get accurate information about space. Now the space agency NASA has shared such a photo that everyone is surprised to see, this photo of Nebula of Energy looks like a hand in space. In this, the structure of the fingers to the claws is emerging.

What is the truth of the photo?

Sharing the photo on Instagram, NASA wrote that the shape that looks like gold in this picture is a nebula of energy that is left after the star’s collapse. Pulsars, known as PSR B1509-58, are particles spread from it and their diameter is about 19 kilometers, which is rotating 7 times every second. Also, its distance from Earth is about 17 thousand light years.

The pictures released by the space agency were taken two-three years ago. However, now this shape visible in space is slowly disappearing due to less clouds. Detail information has been gathered from NASA about this. It was confirmed by the agency that the nebula is also known as ‘Hand of God’.

1700 years ago figure

In space, this shape is spread over a region of 33 light years. Scientists believe that the light of this nebula reached the Earth about 1700 years ago after the supernova explosion. The study was started by NASA about 15 years ago and since then its photos have been released continuously. It is clear from the previous photos that the density of the clouds of the nebula has been continuously low, due to which this shape is becoming blurred.

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After sharing this photo on social media, users are very excited. If someone is seeing it like the face of God, then someone is considering himself lucky after seeing this. Although everyone is definitely thrilled and surprised to see this charisma of nature.


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