Where did Riya and Ananya go? Can’t find 2 masons of Murshidabad

অনন্যা ও রিয়া কর্মকার।

Released from jail. But Ananya and Riya can’t find it. In no way can he communicate with the two brides of Bali’s Nishchindar Karmakar’s house and the people of his own mind. For now, Shekhar Roy and Shubhjit Das, two masons from Murshidabad, are desperate to get in touch with them.

After being released from jail, Shekhar and Shubhjit said, ‘Aren’t we human beings called masons? Don’t we have a mind? We can love too. We want to make a family by marrying our lovers according to the law. ‘

But Shekhar and Shubhjit can’t find lovers at all. Lovers are not staying at the in-laws’ house. There is no way to leave the known address and call to know where the people of the mind are. Riya and Ananya’s phone is still in police custody. The two masons are calling the acquaintances of the lovers without finding any way. If anyone can tell, where are their lovers. They have not been seen for a long time.

It is to be mentioned that Shekhar formed a relationship with his young wife Ananya while working at Bali’s carpenter’s house. Big wife Riya fell in love with Shubhjit. The two masons returned to their homes after the construction was completed. However, Shekhar went to Ananya with a mobile phone. Shekhar and Shubhjit used to keep in touch with the two brides on that phone. Allegedly, Ananya and Riya met Shekhar on December 15 in the name of going to buy winter clothes in Srirampur. The three planned to escape there. Rear seven year old son Ayush was also with him. The three first went to Samsherganj with him. After spending one night there, Ananya, Riya, Shekhar and Shubhjit left for Mumbai. Meanwhile, detectives can find out Ananya’s location by tracking the location of the mobile phone. Knowing that he was in Mumbai, a team of Howrah City Police started preparing to go there. Detectives later learned that the four were planning to return to the state due to financial problems. They are coming to Asansol by train from Mumbai. There are plans to take a bus from there to Murshidabad. They were then arrested. Shekhar and Shubhjit also had to spend a few days in jail. However, the two masons have been granted bail as the abduction clause was not effective on the basis of Ananya and Riya’s statement.

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