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Polarization will not stop
Politicians spread hatred among people of different religions and castes. They polarize voters for their own benefit. If all the citizens of the country will be of one religion, then there will be polarization on the basis of castes. In an area where there are caste people of one caste, there will be polarization among the sub-castes. Polarization won’t stop.
-Mukesh Bhatnagar, Bhilai, Chhattisgarh

polarization for power
The entire operation of caste and religious polarization is done by politics. Sadly, politicians tend to polarize caste and religion to maintain their grip on power. This polarization is against the spirit of national unity and democracy. Leaders should desist from caste and religious polarization.
-Satish Upadhyay, Manendragarh Korea, Chhattisgarh

to win the election
People belonging to different religions and castes live in our country. At the same time, numerical strength has more importance in a democratic system. Therefore, all political parties do caste and religious polarization to ensure their victory in elections.
– Vyagra Pandey, Gangapur City

Man has been the enemy of man since the inception of human civilization and the root cause of polarization is the desire to rule over others. Lakhs of people have been put to death in the name of caste and religion. A person resorts to caste and religious polarization only to serve his own interests.
-Shubham Vaishnav, Sawai Madhopur

End polarization politics
Political parties resort to caste and religious polarization to come to power or to consolidate their hold on power. During elections, candidates give it more air, which should not be acceptable at all in a democracy. The trouble is that everyone becomes foolish even after understanding it! Caste and religious polarization has gained a lot in the age of social media. Its complete end will be in the interest of the nation.
Madhu Bhutra, Jaipur

voter division game
With the onset of elections, the game of dividing voters on religious and caste lines starts playing. Political parties give tickets only on the basis of caste and religious equations. People start claiming victory and defeat on this basis.
Sarita Prasad, Patna, Bihar

Everyone is sensitive towards religion and caste. Selfish politicians, contractors of religion and caste keep taking advantage of it to prove their meaning and keep serving self interest.
Shakuntala Mahesh Nenawa, Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

result of ignorance
Ethnic and religious polarization is due to the ignorance of the people. Taking advantage of this ignorance of the public, incompetent leaders become successful in winning elections by polarizing them. Everyone should rise above caste and religion and remain devoted to the nation in mutual harmony.
-Shri Krishna Pachauri, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh

powerful weapon of vote bank
It is very easy to divide people on the basis of caste and religion. Due to this the common people forgetting the issues of development and getting entangled in caste-class. For politicians, polarization is a powerful weapon of vote bank.
Harendra Kumar Tyagi, Dholpur

power is the goal
The sole goal of politicians has become to gain power. The reason why politics in India is caste and religion based is the selfish attitude of most of the citizens. The leaders have hypnotized the citizens in such a way that they do not even consider it necessary to judge right and wrong.
-Vijay Mahajan, Vrindavan, Mathura

threat to the country
The polarization in Indian politics in the name of caste and religion works to mislead the country. It creates animosity among the public in the name of religion and caste by diverting from the important issues, due to which the leaders easily fulfill their selfishness and play with the sentiments of the public. It is a threat to the unity and integrity of the country.
Shatrughan Singh, Jaipur

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