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Pankaj Tripathi charges a hefty fee for each of his films, but still he is living his life in a simple way. You all must have thought that he must have lived in a big and luxurious house. Also, you must have roamed in big vehicles, but this is not true. Yes, Pankaj Tripathi is leading a very simple life with his family in a simple house. At the same time, he once revealed during one of his interviews that he would never be able to get a luxury house and car.

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Pankaj Tripathi told during his interview that ‘I come from a very simple family. Today even though my wife and I have been living in Mumbai for years, but we never felt the need to live a luxury life. I don’t think I will ever be able to take a loan to build a luxury car or a luxurious house. Pankaj said that ‘My house was in the village and there was no TV at my house. I have grown up understanding the importance of money. I don’t think my attitude towards money and things like that is going to change anytime soon.

The actor further said in the interview that ‘I feel that to live a happy and simple life, never much money is needed, I and my family try to be happy in what I have’. Even before this, Pankaj Tripathi had told about his struggle while giving an interview to a well-known portal. He had told that ‘after he came to Mumbai in 2004, he did not have any work for 8 years and his wife used to run the house. For 8 years no one knew what they were doing.

Let us tell you that Pankaj Tripathi was born in Belsand, a village in Bihar. His father is a farmer. Also, he is a person of very religious nature. Pankaj Tripathi had told that the cinema hall was 22 kilometers away from his house and he was fond of acting since childhood. He did a course in hotel management, after which he also worked as a chef for two years at the Maurya Hotel in Patna. After this he worked on the theater for 4 consecutive years. In the year 2004, he came to Mumbai with his wife. After coming here, he had to struggle a lot to get work and then if he got success, he went on getting it.

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