Wife of US Marine killed in Kabul blast gives birth to baby girl named after him

Wife of US Marine killed in Kabul blast gives birth to baby girl named after him

Rylee McCollom was sent to Afghanistan to help with evacuations when he was killed in the Kabul terror blast. He was due home in October. Earlier this week, his wife Gigi gave birth to her daughter Levi Rylee Rose, named after the father she will never meet


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The wife of a Marine killed in the Kabul terror blast has given birth to a baby girl who she has named after her father.

Baby Levi Rylee Rose will never meet her heroic father, Rylee McCollum, 20.

Rylee was killed in the devastating attack at Kabul Airport on August 26. Isis-K have taken responsibility for the blast which killed 170 locals and 13 US soldiers.

He had been sent to Afghanistan as evacuations started and was believed to have been killed while manning an airport checkpoint.

Rylee was due home from deployment in October.

Almost three weeks later, Rylee’s pregnant wife, Jiennah Crayton, who goes by the name Gigi, has given birth.

Rylee was killed by the blast which took the lives of 12 other US soldiers



The couple married in February this year.

She announced the arrival on Facebook with a post and a photograph showing baby Levi in a crib with a pillow with a picture of her late father in his military uniform.

Gigi then wrote her daughter a poem and shared that.

The poem said: “Levi Rylee Rose, I love you little girl.

“You blessed us all with light and love when you came into the world.

“Hold onto your mama, she’s needing you right now. You’re precious, you are beautiful, you brought the world together somehow.

“Your daddy, he’s watching over you, he loves you both so much. You’ll feel him with you always.

“A random feather, a subtle touch, I can’t wait to hold you, I’m excited to watch you grow. I love you little Levi Rylee Rose, I wanted you to know.”

Gigi and Rylee got married in February



Gigi’s mother, Jill Miller Crayton previously said her daughter was “crushed” at hearing her husband had been killed.

The Daily Mail reports that Jill said she had never got to meet her son-in-law but “hadn’t known her [Gigi] so happy until she married him and found out she was pregnant.”

She said: “I do know that she was madly in love with him. He was her everything, her future and her best friend. I was incredibly proud of him because he was a Marine who served his country but I was even more proud of him for the respect and the love that he showed my daughter.”

Jill said her own husband died when she was nine weeks pregnant with her son, Gigi’s brother.

She said: “My husband died when I was nine weeks pregnant with Gigi’s brother, 15 years ago, and unfortunately history is repeating itself.

“I never thought one of my daughters would go through what I did, it’s unreal and it’s awful. They met while he was in the military, I don’t know how long they had been dating. I moved from San Diego two years ago, we had lived there our whole lives.”

Jill said she does not want politics to be the focus of her son-in-law’s death.

She said: “He was a beautiful handsome man, a young man who had his whole life in front of him, who loved my daughter and was about to be a father. That’s what I focus on.”

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