Will Mukul Roy be the PSC chairman? The High Court reserved judgment

মুকুল রায়। (ফাইল ছবি, সৌজন্য পিটিআই)

The High Court reserved the verdict on the term of Mukul Roy as the chairman of the Public Accounts Committee or PSC. The hearing of the case ended in the High Court on Wednesday. However, the High Court did not give any verdict today.

BJP MLA Ambika Roy has filed a case in the High Court seeking dismissal of Mukul Roy as PAC chairman. BJP MLA’s lawyer CS Baidyanath questioned the court that the practice of nominating the chairman of the Public Accounts Committee from the opposition has been going on for the last 54 years. Mukul Roy has now gone to the grassroots. In this situation, Mukul Roy has been made the chairman of PAC. When the case was heard on August 24, the judge wanted to know if there was any political clearance to be the chairman of the Public Accounts Committee. Besides, he also had a question, did the PAC chairman come from the opposition party? A division bench of Acting Chief Justice Rajesh Bindal and Justice Rajarshi Bharadwaj sought the views of both the government and the plaintiff’s lawyers on the issue.

An affidavit has already been filed in the court on behalf of the state. The affidavit states that according to Article 212 of the Constitution, if a matter is pending in the Legislative Assembly, it has no jurisdiction over the judgment of the judiciary. Although this is the statement of Trinamool and Mukul Roy, he is still the BJP MLA of Krishnanagar on paper. So there is no obstacle if he is the PAC chairman.

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