With Election Dates announced, Bihar watches Lanka Kands

As soon as the Bihar Assembly elections were called, all the leaders of the ruling government, who kept the promise of their own happiness till yesterday, stepped in step, and the party which kept the promise of every happiness and sorrow of the ruling government now jumped into the war of words against the ruling government. However, if the political experts are to be believed, then this time the story of Chola Badal has started when many leaders are seen breaking their base. And Netaji has already entered the politics of manipulative alliances to overcome his electoral stagnation.

There is a period going on from accusation to reprisal and if some ministers are resigning from someplace, till yesterday some leaders who have misjudged every step of the ruling government have suddenly become high. And he has also started the songs of Sarkar’s Mahima Mandan.

Who knows when “Sarkar” will have his kind sight!

The public will ask even if the people of Lok Janshakti Party, who are allies of the government, are constant attackers on the government, then the government has suddenly become high on the backfoot of former Chief Minister Jitan Ram Manjhi. If you are praising the ruling government, you are cursing the RJD, the largest party in Bihar.

Here, Chirag Paswan’s hour in secret from Jap supremo Pappu Yadav, the incumbent government’s breath is blooming.

However, many political experts say that this time the politics of Bihar is doing something else. At the time, writing of the screenplay of this cinema was also started. Although it is too early to say, now it will be seen that the camel sits on which side.

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